Foseco to launch a host of new products at GIFA 2019

As a primary innovator in the foundry industry globally, Foseco regularly publishes information on new products and enhancements, process developments and new techniques, and state-of-the-art papers on new thinking in foundry practice.

With the commencement of the international GIFA 2019 exhibition scheduled to begin in little over two months, Foseco have released a number of new products that will be on display for the first time. Below are some of the products that visitors can expect to see.

Feeding systems for iron and steel foundries
The new range of Feedek VAK spot feeders will be presented through a variety of ductile iron castings. This patented development provides an improved feeder neck pass-through on the most critical feeding applications.

The development of Feedex SCK (Sleeve Construction Kit) feeders opens up the application of spot feeding to the jobbing iron and steel sector where the modular product range enables customers to optimise both casting yield and fettling costs on large steel and iron castings.

Foseco’s new, patented Feedex VAK feeding technology will be presented with application examples

Filtration for iron and steel foundries
In addition to enhancements to the range of Sedex and Stelex filters that offer foundries enhanced choice and performance characteristics in filter application, Foseco will be launching a new filter technology for large, high value steel castings.

The Hollotex Shroud filtration system combines the known benefits of Stelex filters with a fused silica shroud. This innovative technology provides a method of protecting the molten steel as it is poured from a bottom pour ladle into the mould and casting cavity. Aspiration of air is eliminated reducing re-oxidation inclusions and enhancing the performance of the integral filters. An application case study will detail the major improvements that this process can facilitate in the production and quality of highly specified castings.

Recent developments in the Sedex and Stelex product portfolios offer foundries increasing choice in filter products that they can use. The attributes of these products will be compared so the user can understand the associated benefits and select the correct filter type for their casting needs.

The Hollotex Shrould application for large steel castings will be highlighted at the Foseco stand

In the coatings area, the latest developments in automotive coatings offering the highest levels of internal casting cavity cleanliness will be featured alongside Acticote coatings for compacted graphite castings and the Intelligent Coating Unit coating control system.

Coatings can have a direct influence on automotive engine performance and contribute directly to the achievement of the environmental aspects of Euro 6 and Euro 7 regulations. By optimising the inner cleanliness of critical cavities in castings such as cylinder heads and engine blocks, longer service intervals and reduced cooling and lubrication liquid exchange can be achieved. Foseco will showcase a new range of so called “inner cleanliness” coatings that enable automotive foundries to move from suppliers to engine design partners.

For the cleanest casting without scrap, the Intelligent Coating Unit (ICU) is the ultimate tool to control and automate coating dilution and application. Control, adjustment and preparation of coatings for foundries are the most important prerequisites for perfect casting without coating layer related defects. With its newly developed Intelligent Coating Unit, Foseco has set itself the task of eliminating such errors from the outset.

When the highest surface quality is required, coating quality cannot be left to chance. The process stability of the ICU completely eliminates both random and human errors.

The Intelligent Coating Unit is Industry 4.0 compatible

Ferrous metal treatment
The Ferrolab V thermal analysis system enables foundries to accurately monitor metallurgical process performance and take immediate corrective action by analysing base and final iron quality. Ferrolab V can be used on the melt deck to minimise variances in base iron by providing the operator information necessary to adjust the characteristics of iron within predetermined process specifications. It provides real time measurement of %Ceq, %C, %Si and the nucleation status of the iron. Ferrolab V can be used at the pouring station to provide real time measurement of the metallurgical quality of the final iron and highlight the possibility for defect formation.

The system is simple to install and has a user-friendly interface and real savings can be achieved from a reduction in scrap rate, and improvements in the quality and consistency of castings.

The Ferrolab V System – a thermal analysis system for iron foundries

Flow control for iron and steel foundries
Foseco will highlight the latest technologies available for controlling the metal flow in steel ladles and autopour iron applications. They will show alternative steel ladle lining and flow control systems for both cold start and hot start ladle systems.

The Triad Z lining system is a new generation of castables that bring long lining life. Triad Z are no-cement castables with superior hot strength properties and slag resistance. The drying procedure before usage takes half the time compared to conventional low cement castables.

Foseco will show the Kaltek board system for bottom pour ladles, a unique lining system that requires no pre- heating. The Kaltek board system is suitable for ladles up to 25 ton capacity and more for specific projects. A new generation of Kaltek board multi-life system has been introduced to the market to combine the Kaltek board properties (no pre-heating, metal cleanliness, insulation) with a Kaltek set that can be used up to five times and allow thermal cycles and nozzle exchange.

Foseco’s new, Viso isopressed zoned nozzle offers the steel foundry a multi-life nozzle for improved productivity. The zoned nozzle uses a combination of different refractory systems to enhance strength and performance, thereby enabling repeated use of the nozzle in a steel foundry ladle.

Furthermore, Foseco will show the latest flow control technology for grey and ductile iron, especially for unheated pouring boxes. Here, Foseco will show a range of design and refractory combinations to meet the requirements of a variety of autopour applications.

Hot and cold start steel ladle systems

Refractory linings for iron and steel foundries
On the stand Foseco will present a complete package of lining and purging refractories designed for long life and improved metal cleanliness in coreless induction furnaces melting steel grades. The portfolio consists of high quality Kellundite lining systems suitable for melting a wide range of steel alloys and purge plugs utilising integral earth protection and precise gas flow control systems to ensure safe and optimal operation.

Foseco will also show a complete package of long-life linings for long campaign cupolas melting iron grades. The cupola portfolio consists of high quality Ramwell ramming mixes and Hydra-Max low cement castable lining systems enriched with silicon carbide and graphite aggregates to improve slag resistance.

The Triad Z no cement castable range for iron and steel foundry applications

Feeding and filtration for aluminium foundries
Foseco will launch the Feedex NF1 range of exothermic feeders designed for aluminium applications. The sleeve material is highly exothermic, provides a quick ignition and has a high strength and due to its excellent feeding performance, manual application of exothermic powders is avoided thereby reducing emissions.

The new range of Dycote Safeguard products are nano-ceramic top coatings to be applied on top of the existing insulating Dycote base coating to increase the lifetime up to 300%, depending on application.

The Feedex NF1 range of exothermic feeders designed for aluminium applications

A Dycote Safeguard coatings application

Crucibles for non-ferrous foundries
Foseco offer a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialised shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces and new crucibles with a ThermacoaT external coating layer offering enhanced insulation and reduced power consumption in induction furnace applications.

Enertek ZnO Crucibles

Non-ferrous melt shop and metal treatment
Foseco will also feature a number of its well-known products, Insural linings, the FDU and MTS equipment range for the automated treatment of an aluminium melt, their Smartt software that offers various programmes for rotary degassing, the dry vibratable lining Kellundite and Enertek ZnO crucibles.

In addition to the large number of new technologies on show, Foseco will also highlight novel applications of existing products through the use of case studies, MAGMA simulations and casting exhibits. All relevant exhibits will feature simulations using the most recent version of the Foseco Pro Module for Magmasoft.

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