Foseco uses novel video links to make their products more visible

Click on the links to take you to a short video on new products: Feedex NF1 sleeves, Semco FD coatings and Kalpur feeder sleeves.

In this age of pandemic and the “wired world” that we live in, people have had to be creative and find solutions to communicate and to continue with life as though there were no restrictions placed on us by governments worldwide. We have all had to be imaginative, inspired, artistic, inventive, resourceful, ingenious, innovative – give it whatever adjective description you want.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, the temporary closing of non-essential businesses and other efforts to keep COVID-19 from overwhelming hospital and healthcare facilities created challenges for many countries and across many industries. Governing bodies must keep essential businesses open that support health systems operations and guarantee public safety and national security.

COVID-19 has affected our relationship with technology in many ways, from the pleasures of mass online choirs to the perils of the endless Zoom meetings rendering us “zoombies”. Restrictions on gatherings have highlighted Zoom, the application that enables groups of people to come together in a “meeting room” while on their own computers. They have the ability to either see everyone on the screen at once or one at a time as they speak. This is one example of life continuing as is or should we say virtually.

Manufacturers and marketers have not been exempt from this awful period in our lives. They too have had to come up with effective ways of getting their message across and selling their products.

Turning innovation into results is the slogan for Foseco, one of the world’s leading suppliers of foundry consumables and solutions. And this they have done with their latest advertising campaign. The company uses video links in their advert to make their products more visible. Once you have connected you will be able to watch a video on the individual products: Feedex NF1 sleeves, Semco FD coatings and Kalpur feeder sleeves.

The novel contextual video advertising automatically and seamlessly transfers you to Foseco’s video hosting platform, maximising contextual relevance while minimising content intrusiveness at the same time.

Give it a try. Download the Castings SA October 2020 issue PDF and click on the interactive links in their advert.