Foseco’s feeding sleeves

Since DISA introduced the vertical parted moulding line to the foundry market in 1962, the industry has undergone a profound transformation, characterised by increased productivity and reduced process costs. Over time, several strategies have been employed to improve the yield of DISA castings, with the use of feeder sleeves and direct pouring systems among the most notable innovations. While feeder sleeves placed on the joint line of the mould improved casting yield and productivity, challenges arose with their application. In particular, the utilisation of vertically parted moulding lines has historically lagged behind that of horizontal lines. Despite this, market demands have driven the production of heavier and more complex ductile iron parts on vertical lines.

In response to these challenges, spot feeding techniques have emerged as a viable solution, offering new efficiencies and overcoming long-standing limitations. Initial efforts to use spot feeding for applications on vertical moulding lines started as early as the 1980s. The initial use of G and V FEEDEX sleeves was on low-pressure jolt squeeze green sand moulding lines. Through modifications and refinements to spot feeders, the foundry industry has witnessed significant advances that reshaped traditional paradigms and improved overall performance.

G and V
In the early 1980s G and V-type sleeves were developed to allow a spot feeding on moulding lines
where standard slurry formed sleeves failed due to insufficient strength and lack of application

The requirements of moulding lines with highest moulding pressures introduced in the 1990s led to a further development. The VS type FEEDEX sleeves were introduced in response to higher moulding pressures, and a need for smaller casting contact areas.

GK and VSK
The generation of GK and VSK type sleeves, introduced in the early 2000s, provides the simple application in conjunction with maximum benefits in terms of footprint area and cleaning cost reduction.

The Feedex VAK sleeves
In 2018 Foseco announced the product launch of the new spot feeder concept, which is a further development of the company’s Kompressor spot feeder technology. The current advantages, such as minimum footprint area, smallest contact area and optimum moulding sand compaction beneath were adopted from the existing Feedex K concept.

Most of the compressor core is super-heated by the high exothermic recipe. Additionally, 50% less surface area of the breaker core is in direct contact with the green sand (compared to VSK – sleeves) and with the new fix-lock system core glue becomes obsolete.

FEEDEX VAK sleeves are applied on high pressure green sand moulding lines.

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