Foseco’s new Feedex K VAK spot feeder

Foseco has announced the product launch of the new spot feeder concept, which is a further development of the company’s Kompressor spot feeder technology.

The current advantages, such as minimum footprint area, smallest contact area and optimum moulding sand compaction beneath were adopted from the existing Feedex K concept. From the first idea to the serial stage, extensive tests were carried out. Prior to casting tests, solidification simulations were conducted for verification purposes.

Within the new concept a large part of the compressor core is heated by the highly exothermic feeder sleeve material. This significantly reduces the contact area of the compressor plate to the green sand by 50% compared to the Feedex VSK feeder. The result is an improved feed performance.

Feedex K VAK feeders are used where the smallest footprints and minimum contact areas are required. The application is as simple as with the VSK product line. The self-centering geometry eases the application of the feeder sleeve onto the fixed pin. Furthermore, the feeder residue can be easily knocked-off with little force.

The Feedex K VAK feeder series is based on the proven Feedex V-feeder product line.

The self-centring Feedex VAK Feeder sleeves are designed for ram-up applications in greensand moulding lines. In combination with the appropriate support pin, the Feedex VAK sleeves can be easily applied on fast cycling automatic moulding lines. The new Feedex VAK generation is also produced with the proven Feedex HD formulation, a low fluoride containing, high exothermic and high strength feeder material.

Minimum footprint
The Feedex VAK sleeves have a small contact area, optimum mould sand compaction underneath the sleeve, a constant feeder volume, are easy to knock-off and minimum or no fettling work is required

Optimised feed performance
Most of the compressor core is super heated by the high exothermic recipe. Additionally, 50% less surface area of the breaker core is in direct contact with the green sand (compared to VSK – sleeves) and with the new fix-lock system core glue becomes obsolete.

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