Frech Group acquires aluminium melting furnace manufacturer ZPF

Die casting specialist Frech has acquired the operations of the insolvent ZPF GmbH located in Siegelsbach, Germany. With the newly founded Frech ZPF GmbH, headquartered in Schorndorf, Germany the corporate group will expand its business in thermal processing technology and develop new fields of business for the foundry industry. In addition to classical products for production and processing of aluminium melt, the new subsidiary will also focus on systems for environmental technology.

The Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG corporate group is a pioneer in die casting technology and has decisively shaped the industry with numerous patents for more than seven decades. Today, the global market leader has a complete, high-tech portfolio of modern die casting technology for non-ferrous metals, from hot and cold chamber technology to peripherals, die construction, consulting, and services to innovative process technologies. Die casting technology from Frech is used all around the globe. Examples of typical industry branches and fields of application are the automotive industry, for the production of lightweight components for the electrical drive train in electric vehicles, and structural components for vehicle bodies. Die casting technology with the Frech brand is also used in the fittings, fastenings, and electronics industry to produce door handles, hinges, fastening systems, plug-in connections and line elements.

ZPF GmbH was formed in 2013 from the insolvency of the predecessor company, which was originally founded in 1993. As a specialist for aluminium melting furnaces, ZPF will now become part of the Frech Group, a family-owned company based in Schorndorf near Stuttgart, Germany. Frech is a globally renowned manufacturer of die casting machines with production facilities in Schorndorf and Shanghai, Poland and Austria.

ZPF complements the portfolio for melting and recycling furnaces and offers new options for Frech.
In accordance with these maxims, the Frech Group is entering the green environmental sector with this new subsidiary, as has been planned for some time. While priorities such as CO2 neutrality and energy efficiency have long since been on Frech’s agenda and have been successfully implemented at its own production locations (keyword: ‘green factory’), the new subsidiary will target the development of completely independent ‘green’ products and services for the foundry industry for the first time. As a result, product development will focus first of all on energy efficiency and the circular economy (recycling) in order to make a significant contribution toward the ‘green foundry’ over the short to medium term. Over the long term, the new company will also be oriented toward environmental and thermal processing technology to a broad extent. Consulting services in the fields of industrial energy and processing technology, as well as software development, e.g. for Industry 4.0 applications, will also be offered.