GIFA / GMTN 2019 South African participation

Below is a list of companies involved in the metal casting industry in South Africa that will have representation at the exhibition. Listed are the personnel from the company that will be attending and the details of the international companies that they represent, including hall and stand numbers for easy location.

ABP Induction Systems – Hall 10 Stand A42

For further details TEL: 011 623 1814 or visit

Production range includes induction systems for melting, pouring and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heated and unheated pouring furnaces, inductive heating equipment for forming, heat treatment and hardening as well as modern control technology

Altair Engineering GmbH – Hall 13 Stand F52

For further details TEL: 021 831 1500 or visit

Typical casting defects such as shrinkage, porosity or air entrapment are a big challenge to designers of cast products. While downstream corrections can be quite expensive, casting simulation with modern software tools enables designers to visualise and avoid these defects, thus ensuring manufacturing feasibility.

Simulation as a design tool
Altair Inspire Cast is a software tool that enables designers to gain valuable information about their designs early in the product development cycle, without the need for expert knowledge. Offering the complete casting simulation in five easy steps through highly intuitive user experience, Inspire Cast allows designers and foundry engineers to visualise and correct typical casting defects, validate their design, and improve the quality of the final cast product. Casting simulation with Altair Inspire is fast, easy, affordable and it provides accurate results enabling designers to assess whether a concept design can be manufactured, compare concept designs to others with respect to manufacturing, reduce manufacturing tryouts by creating design guidelines, assess placements of gates, vents, risers and runners and validate the detailed design near the end of the development cycle.

Opportunity to learn more about Inspire Cast
To learn how Inspire Cast can help to ensure the manufacturability of casting products in the early concept phase, Altair offers designers and foundry engineers to GIFA, the opportunity to learn more about Inspire Cast.



Andrew McFarlane will attend. For further details TEL: 083 3061867 or visit

Magma GMBH – Hall 12 Stand A19/20
At GIFA 2019, Magma GMBH will present a new generation of trendsetting solutions for virtual casting, tooling and process optimisation.

Simulation evolves into autonomous engineering
Magma will demonstrate how autonomous engineering is replacing conventional casting process simulation. MagmaSoft autonomous engineering supports casting design, robust process layout and optimised casting evaluation even before the first part is produced. By making use of the fully integrated capabilities of virtual design of experiments and genetic optimisation, MagmaSoft easily and reliably finds the best solutions, from the first casting design to improvement of a running production layout.

As a world premiere, visitors will experience autonomous engineering live in 4D in a captivating Holo-Theater performance.

MagmaSoft – The digital foundry process
Magma has been developing powerful solutions for digitising foundry processes for over 30 years. With the “Virtual Core Shooting Machine”, the company showcases an innovative Industry 4.0 application together with leading industry partners. A direct coupling between process simulation, core box design, moulding material and a core shooting machine enables the real-time optimisation of the complete core shooting system for the first time.

With the “Virtual Die Casting Die”, Magma demonstrates how to simultaneously realise and reliably evaluate a robust tooling design and an optimised production window simultaneously within the shortest possible time for high pressure die-casting processes.

Moreover, MAGMA introduces numerous new capabilities for virtual optimisation of all casting processes and alloys, heat treatment and the complete core production process. In cooperation with leading partners from the supplying industry, new developments for digitising moulding materials and for quantitative prediction of core distortion, degradation behaviour of binder systems and core gas related defects during the casting process will be presented.

Ease of communication internally and with customers
MagmaInteract, the new and innovative visualisation programme for MagmaSoft results, supports communication internally within a company as well as a fast exchange of information with both customers and suppliers. Using real castings as examples, Magma will interactively show how easy it is to use information from MagmaSoft with MagmaInteract.

The MagmaAcademy will present its offering of comprehensive opportunities for further education for foundrymen, casting designers and casting consumers. The “Foundrymen’s Playground 2.0” will playfully show how easy it is to virtually optimise casting designs today. Here, visitors can interactively run their own simulations in a virtual test field, while simultaneously pursuing different quality and cost-related objectives. As part of a competition against MagmaSoft autonomous engineering, visitors will lay out their own casting on an electronic drawing board in just a few minutes.

Magma will also be presenting its innovative solutions for process optimisation in continuous and ingot casting at its own booth at METEC (Hall 4, Booth E 29). Here, too, the company will showcase state-of-the-art solutions for the virtual optimisation of conflicting objectives regarding productivity and quality, as well as for establishing robust process windows.

With its Student Camp, Magma once more shows its commitment to recruiting young professionals for the foundry industry. The young visitors will be shown in a fun and playful manner how interesting and innovative the foundry world is.


ASK Chemicals – Hall 12 Stand A22

Jacques Swanepoel will be on the ASK Chemicals stand. For further details TEL: 011 922 1600 or visit

ASK Chemicals is one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables, with a comprehensive product and service portfolio of binders, coatings, feeders, filters, and release agents, as well as metallurgical products including inoculants, Mg treatment, and inoculation wires and master alloys for iron casting. Core manufacturing and development of prototypes, as well as a broad offer of simulation services, complete the range of supply.

With research and development in Europe, America, and Asia, ASK Chemicals sees itself as the driving force behind industry-specific innovations and is committed to offering customers a consistently high level of quality. Flexibility, quickness, quality, and sustainability, as well as cost-effective products and services, are of key importance.

Ask Chemicals will present solutions for optimising environmental protection and occupational health and safety while increasing productivity.

Innovative technology platforms, such as Ecocure Blue and Inotec, as well as product packages, such as the Low Formaldehyde System (LFS), offer answers to typical challenges of the foundry industry regarding emissions, will be presented.

New PU no-bake reduces phenol emissions
Modern foundries are increasingly relying on the Pep Set process due to the processing properties, the better casting results and higher productivity. ASK Chemicals has recognised this trend and is now presenting a new solution at GIFA for reducing phenol emissions in the PU No-Bake process: The new generation of the self-curing Pep Set binder system on a polyurethane basis – Pep Set Silver.

Veino Ultra 2000 additive reduces release agent application and increases tool availability
The increase in material efficiency – that is the ratio of production quantity to material input – is an important factor in reducing production costs and increasing competitiveness. New product developments can contribute to increasing efficiency, that is to say achieving the same or higher performance at lower dosages, or they offer the additional benefit of saving other materials in the process or reducing their consumption.

The new additive Veino Ultra 2000 offers an excellent release effect. Moreover, the new hybrid additive combines the well-known advantages of organic and inorganic additive solutions with significantly reduced odour and emission loads: It has a very good anti-veining effect and makes it possible to replace expensive special sands partially, or completely. The new hybrid additive was developed especially for use in the cold box process.

New low-formaldehyde system for cold box production
German foundries are faced with the challenge of reducing formaldehyde emissions in the exhaust gas flow of their existing plants from 20 mg/m3 (mass concentration) to 5 mg/m3 by February 2020 at the latest. At GIFA 2019, ASK Chemicals will present a specially designed binder-additive-coating package that allows foundries to comply with this new limit value without investing in additional secondary measures.

With the application of the Ecocure Blue LFS binder, Miratec LFS coating and Veino LFS additive tailored to the specific requirements, the LF system meets the legal formaldehyde limits with pinpoint accuracy.

ASK Chemicals launches innovative Exactpore 3D filter generation
With its innovative Exactpore 3D filters, ASK Chemicals offers investment casters as well as iron and steel foundries new and more efficient filtration options for the highest casting quality. Thanks to their particularly sophisticated and well thought-through design, Exactpore 3D filters provide the highest structural integrity and thus safety and efficiency in use.


Ceramic & Alloy Specialists

TEL: 011 894 3039 or visit

Elkem Foundry Supplies – Hall 13 Stand C40
Producer of Ferro Silicon Magnesium and Inoculants for the ferrous foundry industry.

Hoesch Metallurgie – Hall 13 Stand E60
Manufactures a wide range of master alloys, grain refiners, metals, alloys, ceramics and their well-known Dursalit fluxes.

Mammut-Wetro Schmelztiegelwerk – Hall 10 Stand H60
Manufacturers of crucibles and related hot metal products.

Newform Foundry Products – Hall 10 Stand F77
Supplier of Mica slip-plane for re-lining of induction coil furnaces, Mica and other thermal and electrical insulation products.

Progelta S.r.l. – Hall 16 Stand H12-1
Grey and ductile iron foundry molten metal treatment and automation systems.

Schafer Chemische Fabrik – Hall 12 Stand B43
Manufacturers of fluxes, and non-ferrous molten metal treatment products.

Selee Corporation – Hall 12 Stand B44
Design and manufactures porous technical ceramics and metals for a wide range of industrial applications.

StrikoWestofen GmbH – Hall 11 Stand D38
Designers and manufacturers of melting, holding and casting furnaces for the aluminium, magnesium and zinc industries.

REMET – Hall 15 Stand H22-04
Material technology supplier to the precision investment casting process.



Scott Melville will be on the Inductotherm Group stand. For further details TEL: 011 845 3263 or visit

Inductotherm Group – Hall 10 Stand D42
Inductotherm Group is a fully global manufacturing group of companies providing value to the metals and materials industry through production machinery, process knowledge, engineering excellence, and advanced technology. Product brand names include Inductotherm, Radyne, Inductoheat, Consarc, Thermatool, Inductoscan, Inductoforge, IRoss, Alpha and Banyard.

Clariant Functional Minerals – Hall 12 Stand C13

The Business Unit Functional Minerals (BU FM) is a leading provider of specialty products and solutions based on Bentonite and synthetic minerals to enhance products and processes in various industries. Headquartered in Munich, Germany and operating on a worldwide scale, the Business Unit comprises the activities of the former adsorbents division of Süd-Chemie. Key markets served by the BU include edible oil refining, foundry, cargo and device protection, sediment management, aromatics and jet fuel treatment, civil engineering, feed additives, waste water treatment, clay specialties and paper, detergent and plastic additives.

Environment focused foundry additives
To have a chance of surviving successfully, foundries must excel at juggling challenges. There’s not just the crucial need to improve emissions and working conditions, tomorrow’s customer wants high precision complex ready-to-install parts, just-in-time delivery, at a reduced cost. The pressure is on to embrace digitalisation and other technologies to up moulding speed and quality, produce more parts quickly, with much less energy use and waste. The company does not claim to have all the answers but their LE+ Technology for green sand casting certainly makes a big difference to operations.

Clariant will present their Geko and Ecosil natural moulding sand additives used for high precision, smooth processability and easy shake-out for iron and steel castings. Geko is an effective booster for foundry productivity and perfect castings and Ecosil is a carbon former that adds the finishing touch, ensuring easy mould separation, improved surfaces and increased mould stability.

Clariant’s unique eco-friendly technologies, Ecosil LE and Geko LE, drastically reduce emissions and help foundries comply with highly demanding environmental regulations and standards. This is Clariant’s two-tiered Bentonite solution to provide a one-of-a-kind efficient moulding system.

Functional Minerals has fully integrated the complete value chain from exploration, mining, and processing and refinement of natural Bentonite to tailored industry and customer specific solutions. An experienced management team makes sure that anticipating and meeting customers’ expectations are the top priority for the whole organisation. A total of 1 800 employees serve customers across all regional markets. BU FM is part of Clariant’s Business Area Natural Resources.

For further details visit

Durrans RMS

Mike Robinson and Clifford van Eeden will attend. For further details TEL: 011 917 0702 or visit

James Durrans Ltd. & Sons – Hall 12 Stand A40
James Durrans Ltd. & Sons was founded in the British town of Penistone in South Yorkshire over 150 years ago (1863–2013) and since its foundation, the company has never strayed from its manufacture of carbon-related products. The materials contribute towards or form part of many things we take for granted in our daily lives. Durrans products play a part in producing everything from basic iron and steel castings to the brake linings and brake pads used in millions of cars and trucks to filters for cooker hoods, white paint pigments and even jet engines.

Today the group has annual sales of nearly £63 million, employs some 200 people and has nine manufacturing sites worldwide. Four of the latter can be found in the UK, at Thurlstone in South Yorkshire, Bilston in West Midlands, Brancepeth in County Durham and Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire. Each site has a particular specialisation and together they make a range of products, including recarburisers and refractory coatings, metallurgical and petroleum cokes, coal and anthracite blends, synthetic and natural graphites, forging lubricants and machined graphite components.

A global network of agents and distributors is backed up by the support of experienced manufacturing and technical staff. Today the Durrans Group is one of the world’s leading producers of carbonaceous materials.


Endeco Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery

Rui Dias and Victor Dias will attend. For further details TEL: 011 907 1785 or visit

Sintokogio Ltd – Hall 17 Stand B20
The holding company stand will include its associated companies such as Laempe Mössner Sinto and Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery.

Sinto and its associated companies manufacture equipment for the whole foundry process, from sand treatment to surface treatment finishing, which includes shot blasting equipment, as well as offering blasting abrasives and peening media, core moulding technology and 3D printing.

Sinto’s lineup alone consists of green sand moulding, tight-flask moulding, flaskless moulding, v-process moulding machines and related equipment, aluminium casting systems for tilting gravity and low pressure die-casting, finishing such as shot blasting equipment and abrasives and environmental equipment such as dust collection, exhaust gas purification systems and hoods for fumes. They even manufacture polishing machines and compounds.

Omega Sinto designs and manufactures equipment for sand mixing from 1 to 100 tons per hour (pivotal, articulated and mobile models); mould handling – fast-loop systems and carousels to accommodate mould sizes from 800 x 600 to 3000 x 2000mm; reclamation – mechanical attrition units from 1 to 20 tons per hour, thermal from 1 to 3 tons per hour and secondary attrition units from 3 to 10 tons per hour; core making – 2.5 to 100 litre jobbing and semi-automatic core shooters for gas hardened and heat-cured processes, as well as turnkey project services.

The company will present its product portfolio at GIFA focussing on the key topics of data transparency, digitisation and overall efficiency.

Sinto’s lineup alone consists of green sand moulding, tight-flask moulding, flaskless moulding, v-process moulding machines and related equipment, aluminium casting systems for tilting gravity and low pressure die-casting, finishing such as shot blasting equipment and abrasives and environmental equipment such as dust collection, exhaust gas purification systems and hoods for fumes. They even manufacture polishing machines and compounds


Foseco – Hall 12 Stand 12A01 and A02

Enno Krueger, Warren Zandberg and Stephan Coomans from Foseco South Africa will be on the stand. For further details TEL: 011 903 9500 or visit or alternatively

Foseco Foundry Division
Due to its strong commitment to research and development and by working closely together with customers in developing new applications and solutions, Foseco will be showcasing 14 new product and equipment technologies at GIFA 2019.

In feeding systems, Foseco will feature the new, patented range of Feedex K spot feeders for ductile iron castings, SCK modular feeders for spot feeding of large jobbing iron and steel castings, and Feedex NF1, the first exothermic feeders for aluminium casting.

The highlight in filtration is the new Hollotex Shroud application for large, high value steel castings. The system, which combines the proven benefits of steel filtration with a novel shrouding system to protect the metal stream from the air, offers unparalleled levels of inclusion removal and reoxidation reduction, resulting in significant improvements in casting quality and reduced rework.

In the coatings area, the latest developments in automotive coatings offering the highest levels of internal casting cavity cleanliness will be featured alongside Acticote coatings for compacted graphite castings and the Intelligent Coating Unit coating control system that ensure consistent coating application time after time, reducing coating related scrap and coating consumption and improving productivity in the core room.

In the iron and steel melt shop, Foseco will feature the newly developed Ferrolab V thermal analysis system for iron foundries. Easy to install and simple to run, the system delivers real savings from reduced scrap and increased casting quality.

A new range of Viso multi-life nozzles for steel ladles will be displayed together with the recently launched Triad Z range of no cement castables for iron and steel applications and a new generation of multi-life Kaltek cold-start insulating ladle linings.

Finally, for aluminium foundries, Foseco will be promoting the latest generation of SmartT melt treatment stations and degassing units that deliver enhanced hydrogen level control, superior inclusion removal and optimised grain refining; Dycote Safeguard coatings that can increase die coating life by up to 300% offering significant improvements in productivity and casting quality and new crucibles with a Thermacoat external coating layer offering enhanced insulation and reduced power consumption in induction furnace applications.

In addition to the large number of new technologies on show, Foseco will also highlight novel applications of existing products through the use of case studies, Magma simulations and casting exhibits.

Foseco’s new patented Feedex VAK feeding technology will be presented with application examples

The Hollowtex Shroud application for large steel castings will be highlighted at the Foseco stand


HA Group – Hall 12 Stand C50

Successfully implementing new solutions, optimising processes, improving economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. These are the key issues facing foundries all over the world and under the motto ‘Foundry Inside’, Hüttenes-Albertus (HA) will present a holistic concept for partnership and cooperation with its customers.

Joint development and exceptional service
“Time to market” has long become a major competitive factor in the foundry industry. With the promise of accelerating the pace of innovation and optimising foundry processes, Hüttenes-Albertus (HA) operates its HA Center of Competence (CoC) in Bad-deckenstedt near Hanover, Germany. At GIFA 2019, the company will be showcasing the exciting possibilities offered by this unique platform for innovation and cooperation.

The CoC is equipped with pilot and industrial plants, which reproduce almost all of the process steps within a foundry, including mould making, core shooting, casting and more. It allows hands-on testing of new concepts and solutions for all mould and core production processes without having to interrupt the customer’s processes.

3D printing of cores is another future-oriented topic HA is keen to talk about with its customers at GIFA. For example, the company has developed coatings with special properties that are perfectly adapted to additively manufactured moulds and cores. Furthermore, the installation of a specially configured 3D printer from ExOne in the Center of Competence enables HA to work with its customers in this field.

A major step towards foundry 4.0
HA will be taking centre stage with two of its partners to outline their joint vision for implementing digital core production, which represents a major step towards foundry 4.0. Three leading technology providers in their fields, Magma GmbH, a specialist in the virtual optimisation of foundry processes, HA as a supplier of foundry chemicals, and the core shooting machine manufacturer Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH will be presenting their unique concept of a virtual core shooting process.

Advanced binder technology
Ever stricter environmental requirements represent an increasing challenge for foundries. HA’s efforts to further develop cold box binders have focused not only on technological optimisation but also on improving environmental properties. The company has successfully pursued this path in product development, for example by creating different cold box series to meet individual customer needs.

Inorganic binder systems are also delivering efficient, high-quality results, although their development is far from over. HA foundry specialists and chemists have succeeded in further improving these products. At GIFA 2019, the company will be presenting its latest innovations, including the optimisation of storage stability and solutions for using inorganic binder systems in iron casting.

Productivity and cost-efficiency gains
The company also has some exciting news about feeder technology: Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH, an HA Group company, is proud to present its latest product innovations. These include a new generation of exothermic side feeder inserts for vertical moulding machines. These products enable foundries to exploit the benefits of exothermic feeders in a segment that has traditionally been dominated by natural feeders.

Chemex has also further optimised its aluminium sand casting feeder technology. In addition to cylindrical sleeves, the company now offers cold box bound telefeeders with a special formulation for the non-ferrous sector. The insulating feeder material is specifically designed for applications in aluminium casting. Thus, the intelligent functional principle of the two-part tele(scope) feeder can now also be used for the benefit of aluminium foundries.


IMP Scientific and Precision

Donald Osmond will be on the Bruker stand on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June 2019. For further details TEL: 011 916 5000 or visit

Bruker GmbH – Hall 11 Stand A39
A manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis.

Bruker will exhibit the recently launched the new G6 Leonardo, an inert gas fusion (IGF) analyser for oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), and hydrogen (H2) concentration measurements in inorganic samples.

The G6 Leonardo extends Bruker’s line of high-precision, compact analysers by introducing its SampleCareTM into IGF-analysis for metals and ceramics. The G6 Leonardo with SampleCare technology deploys the reliable Smart Molecule Sequence for robust and precise elemental analysis of O2, N2 and H2.

With its pre-calibrated standard methods and argon (Ar) carrier gas instead of helium (He), the G6 Leonardo addresses the needs of industrial process and quality control for easy and cost-effective operation.

In addition, Bruker will show their Elemental.Suite 2.0 software, brand new software available for spark analysers, including the Total Materia database from Key to Metals. There are many new features in the software for visitors to experience first-hand.


Insimbi Alloys

Dudley de Beer, Samantha Le Roux, Coleen Singh and Helen Fernandes will be attending. You can contact them via Dudley De Beer on 083 285 0741 or visit their suppliers’ stands. For further details Tel: 011 902 6930 or visit

Frenzelit – Hall 09 Stand C58
A manufacturer and supplier of gaskets, technical textiles, expansion joints, insulation and new materials.

Refratechnik – Hall 5 Stand F03
Manufacturer of refractory bricks, prefabricated material, monolithic refractories, tundish and ladle cover material and synthetic slag.

Scottish Chemicals – Hall 11 Stand 11B10
Manufacturer and exporter of hexachloroethane, degasers, grain refiners, foundry fluxes, coatings, (Ti & Sr) modalloys, (Mn, Cu, Fe) adal tablets, AITi5B1 coils, boron hardener, magnesium, ingots, fast melting silicon, ceramic foam filters, crucibles and castables.

Seeif Ceramics – Hall 12 Stand A21
Producer of shaped and monolithic refractories.

SNAM – Hall 13 Stand 13C49
Manufacturer of ferro silicon, ferro silicon magnesium and ferro silicon-based inoculants.

Wire d.o.o – Hall 13 Stand B28
A cored wire producer.


Keegor Meltech

Bruce Hansmeyer and Eddie Short of Keegor Meltech, an official distributor of Morgan products in Southern Africa, will be on hand to assist with local enquiries. For further details contact Eddie Short +27 (0) 82 460 1593 or TEL: +27 (0) 11 421 0711

Morgan Advanced Materials – Hall 11 Stand A04
Morgan is bringing together three businesses under the ‘One Morgan’ exhibition stand.
Molten Metal Systems (MMS), Thermal Ceramics and Haldenwanger are co-exhibiting.

MMS will be presenting the VAluStar crucible, which has a significantly improved service life, resulting in lower labour costs and time savings in handling compared to all other crucibles in the global market.

MMS offers a complete range of premium quality crucibles and accessories for the melting, holding, treatment and casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal alloys. Manufactured from a wide range of high-quality raw materials using advanced technologies, crucibles are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes, for optimum performance in individual applications.

MMS also offers individual machined components such as degassing rotors (dgrs), nozzles, continuous casting crucibles for the foundry and primary aluminium industry that combine the already proven performance of a Morgan material with the precision and complexity of a CNC machined work piece.

Thermal Ceramics manufacture and install a wide range of thermal insulation products that significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in a variety of high temperature processing applications. These include fibre boards and shapes for use as back-up insulation or installed as hot face application solutions and high temperature insulating bulk fibre materials for use directly as thermal insulation or for the base material.

Morgan Haldenwanger is a leading global producer of high-tech ceramics. They offer a comprehensive product range of oxidic and non-oxidic materials, primarily for use in demanding thermal, chemical and mechanical applications.

The Keegor Group (Pty) Ltd specialises in supplying furnaces, machinery, allied hardware and consumables. The Keegor Group includes Leonard Light Industries (Pty) Ltd, Keegor South Africa and Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd.

The company’s products and related accessories include furnaces, smelt-house hardware, sample preparation equipment, cupels, fire-clay crucibles and various items of fire assay hardware including tongs, trays, trolleys, bins, rollers, mixers, plates, cups, slag moulds, laboratory crushers and pulverisers.

Keegor Meltech was established 14 months ago as a result of Morgan Molten Metal Systems, a division of Morgan Advanced Materials, appointing of Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd to distribute its complete range of crucibles and accessories for the melting, holding and treatment applications used in the casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal alloys in South Africa.


LTM Mulondo Holdings

Hardus Visagie and Francois Oosthuysen will be attending and you can find them on the Vesuvius/Foseco stand Hall 5 Stand D19. For further details TEL: 016 450 4332/4021 or visit



Hans Joubert and Phillip Steenkamp will attend. For further details TEL: 011 802 4050 or visit

FerroPem Foundry Products – Hall 13 Stand A52
Manufacturer of inoculation and nodularisation techniques to use within the iron foundry industry.

KBM Affilips – Hall 13 Stand B60
Manufacturer and marketer of master alloys for use in the aluminium and investment casting industries.

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium – Hall 13 Stand B62
Manufacturer of Sorelmetal pig iron, zircon and rutile for use in the iron foundry and welding consumables industries.


Mineral Zone

Brendan Homann, Claude du Toit and Adrian Pearson will attend. Mineral Zone represents Capital Refractories Ltd, Elkem Refractories Products, LKAB Minerals and Amava Mining. For further details TEL: 010 599 2442 or visit

Capital Refractories Limited – Hall 15 Stand H22-08
Capital Refractories specialises in supplying refractory linings and associated products to metal melting, foundry and cement industries around the world. Capital Refractories manufactures a wide range of dry vibration rammable products for lining coreless induction furnaces, vacuum coreless induction furnaces and channel induction furnaces for the melting of steel and high temperature alloys, iron, copper, bronze, aluminium and masteralloys.

Elkem Refractories Products – Hall 13 Stand C50
Elkem offers products for the production of advanced refractory and ceramic products including microsilica, silicon powders and complementary products.


Mondeco Solutions

Peter Petersen will attend. For further details TEL: 079 448 1277, or visit

Norican Group – Hall 11 Stand A74 and A78
Home to leading, globally operating technologies: DISA, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen, Wheelabrator and Norican Digital.

Clansman Dynamics Ltd – Hall 16 Stand C24
Handling solutions for the after-cast area. Product range includes automatic degating, handling and grinding manipulators, hammers and wedges for casting separation, gating cutters.

SiiF SAS – Hall 15 Stand H30
Foundry finishing equipment and solutions for iron, aluminium and steel castings such as fettling, trimming and decoring.

Simpson Technologies – Hall 17 Stand B60
Foundry and process mixing technologies including green sand moulding sand preparation, sand coolers, batch and continuous mullers, sand laboratory instrumentation.

GIFA 2019 will be the first tradeshow where Simpson Technologies, Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH and Wesman Simpson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will exhibit together. The show theme will be “Better Together – Innovation through Collaboration”. The MC-25 is the smallest of the seven Simpson Multi-Cooler models and is typically used in 20 t/h sand systems

Simpson Technologies will be displaying the entire Simpson Analytics sand testing product line. The display will be divided into two sections with one section dedicated to green and clay bonded sand testing and the second section dedicated to chemically bonded sand testing for no bake, cold box, and shell sand processes


Nederman-MikroPul Filtration – Hall 16 Stand B24
Dust extraction systems and filters for a wide range of applications.

A1 Roper Limited Ladle Works – Hall 15 Stand H22
Design and manufacture of ladles and ladle gearboxes.

Otto Junker GmbH – Hall 10 Stand H41
Melting, casting, heating and heat-treating equipment for the aluminium and copper industries, as well as melting and casting equipment for iron and steel foundries.

Mingzhi Technology Co. Ltd – Hall 15 Stand E01
Core making machines, core shop design.

O.M.LER S.r.l. – Hall 16 Stand F11

Italian manufacturer O.M.LER S.r.l specialises in pneumatic systems for vibratory de-coring of grey iron and aluminium castings. O.M.LER S.r.l. was established by the Lerda family in 1974 as a production company. In 2001, it became a proprietary company and starting from October 2014, it changed articles of association once again, becoming a commercial, proprietary and production company.

From this date, it specialised in marketing the de-coring hammer products for foundries under the brand name of O.M.LER 2000.

In 2017, the company expanded to a new factory of some 2 000m² for the development of new complete and off-the-shelf equipment and lines besides the hammer systems they already supplied to foundries. A qualified and specialised staff divided into assembly and production areas, allows the company to be in step with modern technology.

For further details contact O.M.LER SRL on TEL: +39 0172/457256, email or visit

Silca South Africa

Alexander Saam will be on the stand. For further details TEL: 060 972 7505, email or visit

Calsitherm Silikatbaustoffe GmbH – Halle 09 Stand F40
A manufacturer of high performance, asbestos free calcium silicates, in a density range of 200 to 1 100kg/m³. The products are used worldwide in industrial plants like petrochemical, cement and power generation, domestic and commercial fire protection solutions, metallurgical and process industries and other engineering industries.

Spectro Analytical Instruments – Hall 11 Stand H21

Pierre Strydom and Lionel de Jager will attend. For further details TEL: 011 979 4241 or visit

Spectro will present their metal analysers Spectrolab, Spectromaxx and Spectrocheck that were developed to meet the divergent metal analysis needs of the industry. They are also going to introduce a new compact automation solution for foundries in cooperation with their partner Herzog. You can also experience the latest technological OES developments at the stand.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to extensively test their mobile metal analyser Spectrotest, the portable metal analyser Spectroport as well as the XRF handheld Spectro xSORT. Both Spectrotest and Spectroport utilise a new, more-advanced readout system, which is a prerequisite for the introduction of iCAL 2.0 – a consistent enhancement of the instrument’s proprietary iCAL calibration logic system. iCAL 2.0 enables the mobile analyser to deliver unsurpassed stability, even in the face of ambient temperature changes.

Spectro manufactures advanced instruments and develops solutions for elemental analysis in a broad range of applications.