Düsseldorf trade fair quartet focuses on hot topics ecoMetals, decarbonisation and circular economy.

From 12 to 16 June 2023 Düsseldorf, Germany will become the centre for the international casting and metallurgical industries. The world’s leading trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST, which are held every four years and together cover the complete spectrum of foundry technology, castings, metallurgy and thermo process technology, will take place. Particularly in demand this year are the energy-intensive sectors as current challenges fuel digitalisation in the metal technology sector and its search for sustainable and forward-looking solutions.

More than 2 000 exhibitors from over 50 countries will pick up global trends and showcase the complete spectrum of current technologies and products in twelve exhibition halls. The hot topics of the Bright World of Metals will be decarbonisation of the metallurgical industry, ecoMetals, circular economy, digitalisation, additive manufacturing processes as well as e-mobility and lightweight automotive construction.

“In view of the current industry environment we are in for forward-looking GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST editions. The EU’s Climate Protection Plan 2050 will test the “mettle” of the metallurgical industry so it needs a strong communication platform for worldwide exchange more than ever. The exhibitors’ feedback shows that the get-together in June at the four technology trade fairs will prove an absolute highlight. Next to brands such as Heinrich Wagner Sinto, Oskar Frech, Vesuvius for GIFA, Dihag Holding, Primemetals, SMS group in the METEC halls, Heunisch, Kutes Metal, Thoni Alutec exhibiting in NEWCAST and Aichelin, Electrotherm and WS Wärmeprozesstechnik taking part in THERMPROCESS virtually all well-known companies will be represented in Düsseldorf to tackle the big transformation with ground-breaking innovations and ideas,” explains Malte Seifert, Director of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.

“The relaxation of travel restrictions in Asian regions has provided an additional boost to exhibitor registrations. So, trade visitors can again look forward to the accustomed, broad international attendance at the four trade fairs this year,” he added.

The Bright World of Metals lives up to its prestigious name not only in terms of exhibitors but also in view of its visitor structure – experience shows that more than half the trade fair guests come from overseas and throughout Europe.

ecoMetals – the path into the future
Forming an integral part of the Bright World of Metals since 2011, Messe Düsseldorf’s ecoMetals Campaign will be a special highlight of the trade fair quartet. As an initiative promoting sustainability, it refers to the ecological path of the casting and metallurgical industries and promotes exhibiting companies that invest in innovative, sustainable and economically competitive technologies. Trade visitors can identify the eco-conscious innovations by the ecoMetals logo displayed at exhibition stands and on the online portal. At GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST visitors will be directed to the selected exhibitors by complimentary daily guided tours – the ecoMetals Trails.

With new technologies, new processes for reducing and avoiding CO2, with the increased use of renewable energies and hydrogen instead of coal, The Bright World of Metals is on a green path to a climate-neutral future. At the ecoMetals Forum in Hall 9 the key transformation themes in the metal industry will be addressed on 15 and 16 June 2023.

GIFA: World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Foundry Technology with Technical Forum
Being the world’s most relevant trade fair for the foundry industry, GIFA covers all aspects of forward-looking innovations with its ranges. In June the trade audience can look forward to a varied line-up comprising foundry machinery, cast parts, machine tools, robotics, 3D printing and lots more. Environmental protection and resource savings as well as energy efficiency will play a prominent role here. Furthermore, GIFA will offer an extensive accompanying programme with Special Shows, lectures, discussions, presentations and events bringing together participants from all over the world. 900 exhibitors from all high-production countries will be featured in Halls 10 to 13 and 15 to 17. World market leaders such as ASK Chemicals (Germany), FOSECO (Germany), Heinrich Wagner Sinto (Germany), Hüttenes Albertus (Germany), Oskar Frech (Germany), Kuka Deutschland GmbH, or Loramendi S. Coop (Spain) have already registered. Also represented will be large joint stands from China and Italy.

NEWCAST’s high international attendance
At the 6th International Trade Fair for Castings with Newcast Forum some 400 exhibitors in Halls 13 and 14 will demonstrate just how global the production of castings has become. Here, too, sustainability and energy efficiency are an integral part of the ranges. Market leaders such as Gießerei Heunisch (Germany), Eisenwerk Brühl (Germany), Kutes Metal San. (Turkey), Thoni Alutec (Poland) and Waupaca Foundry (USA) join the fray. Also represented: Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG, Gienanth Sales GmbH, Grohmann Aluworks GmbH & Co. KG, Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG, La Fonte Ardennaise S.A., Siempelkamp Giesserei GmbH. Also, very striking are the large national pavilions from China, India, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.

METEC on course for success at its eleventh edition
The International Metallurgical Trade Fair with Congresses will also follow on from its success in 2019 with its eleventh edition – more than 500 exhibitors from throughout the world will showcase plants for pig iron, steel or NF-metal production and/or for steel casting and forming as well as equipment and components for steel, rolling mills as well as steelworks in Halls 1, 4 and 5. Forged parts will also be on display at METEC. The list of exhibitors features amongst others: Dihag Holding (Germany), Inteco (Austria), Primetals Technologies Ltd. (UK), Vesuvius (Belgium), SMS Group (Germany), Tenova S.P.A. (Italy) and Sinosteel (China).

Industry giants at THERMPROCESS
At some 60% foreign participation and approximately 300 exhibitors, the 13th THERMPROCESS also counts among the world’s leading trade fairs and is a must-go event in the sector’s agenda. This is also reflected by the current registration level with many major industry players: Aichelin (Germany), Ajax Tocco Magnethermic GmbH (Germany), ABP Induction Systems GmbH (Germany), Electrotherm (Germany), Honeywell Thermal Solutions – Elster GmbH (Germany), Inductotherm Europe Ltd (UK), Otto Junker (Germany), Seco/Warwick Europe (Poland) and WS Wärmeprozesstechnik (Germany) will exhibit technology trends related to industrial furnaces, industrial thermal treatment systems and thermal processes for precious metals, hard metals, ceramics, steel, and iron as well as construction elements and equipment, operating and auxiliary materials for this segment. Manufacturing products without any carbon footprint is a vision – the thermo process sector and its upstream suppliers will jointly have their sights on this at the trade fair.

No South African National Pavilion but NFTN to showcase South African foundry industry: GIFA Hall 13, Stand E88
Prior to 2019 the previous six occasions of the GIFA (GMTN) exhibition there was a South African National Pavilion where South African companies have collectively exhibited. This longstanding agreement came to an end in 2019 and there was no South African National Pavilion. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, again there will not be a South African National Pavilion at this year’s exhibition.

However, The National Foundry Technology Network (NFTN) has secured funding to participate at GIFA/GMTN 2023. They have secured a stand space of 70m² in Hall 13, which, along with the NFTN, will be promoted by the two sector representatives, namely the South African Institute of Foundrymen and the Aluminium Federation of South Africa.

“The aim of the stand – call it the South African pavilion – will be to promote the whole of the industry and not just the member companies of these two representatives. Both supplier and end user products will be exposed to a major international audience.”

“The stand will also offer South African visitors to the exhibition in Düsseldorf the opportunity to network, hold meetings on the stand and rest their weary feet when necessary.”

The NFTN will also be hosting a networking session on the stand – GIFA Hall 13, Stand E88 – on the 13th June 2023 from 17:00hrs to 19:00hrs. To attend register at


South African exhibitors
The following companies from South Africa will be exhibiting


IMD Independent Mineral Distributors (Pty) Ltd – Hall 13 Stand B92

Independent Mineral Distributors, also known as IMD, has been operating since 1988 and trades in industrial minerals. The company has a range of minerals for the foundry, refractory, coatings and construction industries. IMD’s customers are in most of the major chrome foundry sand-consuming regions in the world.

IMD prides itself on quality and providing an efficient service to its customers through its established systems and service providers. The staff has decades of experience which helps not only supply material but offer technical advice to customers on the use of the products. The company has vast experience in both imports and exports of containerised cargo and bulk shipments.

Ernest Mberi and Varaidzo Mberi will be exhibiting at GIFA on behalf of IMD in Hall 13 stand B92.

For further details, contact IMD on the following: Tel +27 11 706 0322 email website

South African National Foundry Pavilion – Hall 13, Stand E88

The South African National Foundry Pavilion is a pioneering platform that showcases the innovative and world-class capabilities of South Africa’s foundry industry. With a rich history of over several decades, the South African National Foundry Pavilion features an extensive range of cutting-edge foundry products and solutions that cater to diverse industry needs.

The Pavilion is supported by the South African government, the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) together with the foundry (metal casting) industry support programme National Foundry Technology Network and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

The South African foundry industry and R&D community is eager to discuss how our companies can offer robust solutions to manufacturing value chains in automotive, rail, renewable energy, and more.

There will be 4 staff from the NFTN, 2 from the SAIF, 1 from AFSA and one other on the stand.

Thos Begbie & Company – Hall 3 Stand G02

Thos Begbie was established in Johannesburg in 1887 as a Foundry and General Engineering business and in 1907 relocated to Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Today Thos Begbie is one of the few fully integrated foundry and general engineering operations in the country, supplying all major sectors of industry.

Pyrometallurgical component manufacturer
This division is equipped to produce a comprehensive range of copper and copper alloy castings. The annual capacity is in excess of 1 100 tons of finished product with a maximum cast mass of around 14 000kg. These products are supplemented by an extensive range of copper-based alloy components.

General engineering
The general engineering division primarily provides foundries with machining capacity. It includes a CNC machining center, grinding machines, milling machines and power saws. They also operate the largest horizontal CNC milling machine and vertical mill in the region, which provides for machining of abnormally sized components. It also provides services to the local mining, power generation, paper processing, steel mills and ferro alloy producers.

Technical services
These include pattern making facilities, a metallurgical analysis laboratory, technical customer liaison and, methoding with computerised Solstar Solidification Modelling.

Graphite Freezeline Solutions (GFS)
In April 2018 the company established a new technical division, which caters to the refractory needs of the pyrometallurgical industry. Being on the same site as Thos Begbie & Co, makes the company a comprehensive supplier of foundry products that include graphite refractory, carbon component solutions as well as installation of various refractories all in-house.

Site work and installations
Analysing the market conditions, the company saw that there was a need not only for the manufacturing of components for the pyrometallurgical industry but also the installation of these components. Thos Begbie have established a site-work team that will be able to cater to these needs. Services include installation of furnace components, repairing of furnace equipment and alterations as per plant requirements.

Quality assurance
Thos Begbie’s quality management system complies with the requirements of SABS ISO 9002, which was awarded to the company in 1990. In 2018 the company was certified for ISO 9001:2015.

Thos Begbie is a privately owned company. The exhibition stand will be manned by Esli Bantjes and Hercules van der Merwe.

For further details contact Thos Begbie on TEL: 013 246 9100 or email or visit

Watt Industries – Hall 10 Stand E17

Wessel Watt (+1 713 248 2943 or +27 83 652 2007) and Soeren Schneider (+49 172 25 5546) will attend. For further information contact Watt Industries on cellphone 083 652 2007 or TEL: 012 111 7677, email or visit

For induction melt shops, optimising melting cost-per-ton starts with minimising kW and kVA demand, and enhances the value of every ton poured. Optimising your melt system to reach the lowest possible kilowatts (kW) and kVA of demand as part of your overall energy management programme is critical to competitiveness in an industry where energy costs are a constant concern. The importance of melt-shop power supply utilisation, efficiency and performance, and how it impacts power demand should be examined carefully. It directly influences the connected kW or kVA of demand for a given production rate. By increasing your melt shop power utilisation rate you will increase and maximise the volume of metal poured per kW and kVA of demand. There are various ways that you can review these factors within your own foundry to find additional opportunities for conserving melt shop energy demand and usage.

There are many critical factors influencing production versus demand, including efficiency, melt system performance, power supply technology and power utilisation. The factors that are specifically part of power utilisation include equipment type and configuration, operating practices, melt preparation and the charging and pouring processes.

“An intelligent demand management system is more than just a load control system. Not only would your energy consumption be efficiently optimised, your other performance and process data, which are necessary for your production and processes, would be collected and monitored too. Simultaneous and connected processes then become transparent and can be managed and changed individually. The control potential is dynamic and instructions are easily allocated. Through the advanced, live monitoring and detailed analysis you can generate additional profits and be equipped with the latest technology in your energy management department.”

Watt Industries together with their German partner, Soeren Schneider, will be exhibiting the 2nd generation WATT Demand Systems (WDS) at the GIFA 2023. Fair visitors will have the opportunity to see “live” data and will be able to witness various types of monitoring displayed by making use of Grafana. The new WDS is certified for all international markets and have shown the value of making use of new hardware and software to enhance energy monitoring and management. With regards to the current South African electricity challenges, making use of our technologies could assist in ensuring optimal production with the restrained resources.

Additional South African participation

Below is a list of companies involved in the metal casting industry in South Africa that will have representation at the exhibition. Listed are the personnel from the company that will be attending and the details of the international companies that they represent, including hall and stand numbers for easy location.

ABP Induction Systems Hall 10 Stand H41

Byron McCall will be attending. For further details TEL: 011 623 1814 or visit

ABP is one of the world’s leading creators of induction furnaces and heating systems for the metalworking industry. With design, production, assembly, and services for foundries and forging plants. Production range includes induction systems for melting, pouring and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heated and unheated pouring furnaces, inductive heating equipment for forming, heat treatment and hardening as well as modern control technology.



Andrew McFarlane will attend. For further details TEL: 083 3061867 or visit

Magma GMBH – Hall 12 Stand A 19/20
Magma GMBH will present a new generation of trendsetting solutions for virtual casting, tooling and process optimisation. You can experience how MAGMA and MAGMASOFT autonomous engineering help optimise your value chains during GIFA 2023. They will demonstrate how you can use casting process simulation in your organisation effectively, profitably, and sustainably.

At the GIFA, MAGMA will show you:
How MAGMA experts support you to successfully implement MAGMASOFT in your organisation and your workflows
How to use MAGMASOFT 6.0 efficiently and communicate simulation results in a targeted manner
How the blended learning offerings of the worldwide MAGMAacademy efficiently train your users and sustainably secure your know-how
How simulation and process data can be combined and leveraged for use in subsequent projects


ASK Chemicals – Hall 12 Stand A22

Awie Klopper and Riaan Buchner will be on the ASK Chemicals stand. For further details
TEL: 011 922 1600 or visit

ASK Chemicals, one of the leading suppliers to the global foundry industry, will present its latest innovations for greater sustainability and efficiency and its range of environmentally friendly solutions. ASK Chemicals’ focus on sustainability is closely linked to efficiency, as efficient foundry chemicals and materials make a significant contribution to reducing resources and emissions. Sustainability is not only about protecting the environment, but also addresses economic and social challenges. Featured products at GIFA 2023 help foundries reduce emissions, improve the working environment, and increase economic success.

The company’s R&D focus is on developing solutions that increase efficiency, reduce process costs and minimise environmental impact. One way of doing this is by using less harmful raw materials. Further leverage is provided by the development of solutions that deliver comparable or better performance than standard products with lower input quantities.

Additional approaches are focused on the development of products that show ways to dispense with expensive raw materials, such as special sands, or to reduce the use of other consumables, such as cleaner or release agents. The foundry process can also benefit from the use of high-performance foundry chemicals and materials, for example by reducing rework or eliminating process steps. The company’s engineered sand additives represent an effective lever for the optimisations. In the area of binder technology, the latest cold box binder generation ECOCURE BLUE PRO optimises casting properties while reducing binder and amine consumption, which has a positive impact on efficiency and the environment.

“We strongly believe that sustainability is essential for the long-term success of the foundry industry and are proud to contribute to these important changes,” said Dr. Jens Müller, Chief Technology Officer. “We look forward to GIFA 2023 and to sharing our new solutions with the global foundry community.”


Ceramic & Alloy Specialists

Brian Clough will attend. For further details or or TEL: 011 894 3039 or visit

Elkem Foundry Supplies – Hall 12 Stand E01
Producer of Ferro Silicon Magnesium and Inoculants for the ferrous foundry industry.

Hoesch Metallurgie – Hall 12 Stand B37
Manufactures a wide range of master alloys, grain refiners, metals, alloys, ceramics and their well-known Dursalit fluxes.

Mammut-Wetro Schmelztiegelwerk – Hall 10 Stand H60
Manufacturers of crucibles and related hot metal products.

Newform Foundry Products – Hall 10 Stand F77
Supplier of Mica slip-plane for re-lining of induction coil furnaces, Mica and other thermal and electrical insulation products.

Progelta S.r.l. – Hall 16 Stand H12
Grey and ductile iron foundry molten metal treatment and automation systems.

REMET – Hall 15 Stand A15
Material technology supplier to the precision investment casting process.

Schafer Chemische Fabrik – Hall 12 Stand B43
Manufacturers of fluxes, and non-ferrous molten metal treatment products.

Selee Corporation – Hall 12 Stand B44
Design and manufactures porous technical ceramics and metals for a wide range of industrial applications.

StrikoWestofen GmbH – Hall 17 Stand D71
Designers and manufacturers of melting, holding and casting furnaces for the aluminium, magnesium and zinc industries.



Scott Melville will be on the Inductotherm Group stand. For further details TEL: 011 845 3263 or visit

Inductotherm Group – Hall 10 Stand B42
Inductotherm Group is a fully global manufacturing group of companies providing value to the metals and materials industry through production machinery, process knowledge, engineering excellence, and advanced technology. Product brand names include Inductotherm, Radyne, Inductoheat, Consarc, Thermatool, Inductoscan, Inductoforge, IRoss, Alpha and Banyard.

Join Inductotherm Group at Thermprocess/GIFA 2023, where they will exhibit the newest induction melting, heating, and welding equipment. Their cutting-edge technologies are reshaping foundries, heat treat shops and tube mills with digitalisation and eco-friendly solutions. Witness their high-performance induction systems and power supplies in action, raising the bar in productivity and quality.

Discover the power of digitalisation with Inductotherm Group. Their innovative digital platforms are transforming manufacturing processes and offer real-time data collection, analysis and optimisation tailored to your needs.

You can also explore their commitment to sustainability through their green melting and heating solutions. Experience how they are reducing energy consumption, minimising waste and increasing efficiency to lessen environmental impact.


Durrans RMS

JP Du Plessis and Princess Modisa will attend. For further details TEL: 011 917 0702 or visit

James Durrans Ltd. & Sons – Hall 12 Stand A40
The family-owned James Durrans Group, established in 1863, is a worldwide producer and supplier of foundry consumables. The group consists of 4 manufacturing sites in the UK along with 100% -subsidiaries in Germany and China along with JV companies in South Africa, India and France.

At the forthcoming GIFA 2023, the James Durrans Group will be highlighting an expanded and improved range of refractory coatings, recarburisers, sand additives in form of lustrous carbon-bentonite compositions and lustrous carbon careers.

In particular, the field of basic carburisation and correction, the James Durrans Group has taken another step towards offering from now on even more efficient raw materials for the recarburisation in iron and steel foundries, as well as in steel works suitable for all common application forms. This extended product group includes materials based on electrode graphite, petroleum cokes and all other current recarburisers. The company’s main focus is on output, solubility, sulfur content and grain size with an improved added value through sourcing and processing efficiency that comes together with a high product quality.

Carbon International Ltd, a member of the James Durrans Group, is the recarburiser specialist within the group with respect to the manufacturing of carbon products like petroleum coke, metallurgical coke, carbon pellets, as well as calcined anthracite. An additional part of its product range includes graphite shapes and components which are supplied to machine and plant engineering industries. Such products are also individually tailored to meet the particular needs of the customers.

The James Durrans Group has been supplying lubricant technologies to the forging industry for over 20 years and have recently enhanced its in-house manufacturing facilities by the commissioning of new start-of-the-art equipment. Backed up by its in-house laboratory, research and development facilities, James Durrans can offer the forging industry all forms of lubricants. Furthermore, its new facilities and experience in carbon processing technologies enables the group to now offer clients bespoke product solutions to suit their particular needs.

Another show highlight will be the presentation of the extended range of water and alcohol-based coatings in particular developed for the areas of heavy and automotive castings, which are efficiently being used for all current core productions and moulding processes and have all been successfully tested. They form an integral part of the company’s coating portfolio.


Endeco Omega Sinto

Rui Dias and Victor Dias will attend. For further details TEL: 011 907 1785 or visit

Sintokogio Ltd – Hall 17 Stand D1
The holding company stand will include its associated companies such as Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik, Laempe Mössner Sinto and Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery.

Sinto and its associated companies manufacture equipment for the whole foundry process, from sand treatment to surface treatment finishing, which includes shot blasting equipment, as well as offering blasting abrasives and peening media, core moulding technology and 3D printing.

Sinto’s lineup alone consists of green sand moulding, tight-flask moulding, flaskless moulding, v-process moulding machines and related equipment, aluminium casting systems for tilting gravity and low-pressure die casting, finishing such as shot blasting equipment and abrasives and environmental equipment such as dust collection, exhaust gas purification systems and hoods for fumes. They even manufacture polishing machines and compounds.

Omega Sinto designs and manufactures equipment for sand mixing from 1 to 100 tons per hour (pivotal, articulated and mobile models); mould handling – fast-loop systems and carousels to accommodate mould sizes from 800mm x 600mm to 3 000mm x 2 000mm; reclamation – mechanical attrition units from 1 to 20 tons per hour, thermal from 1 to 3 tons per hour and secondary attrition units from 3 to 10 tons per hour; core making – 2.5 to 100 litre jobbing and semi-automatic core shooters for gas hardened and heat-cured processes, as well as turnkey project services.

Laempe Mössner Sinto was founded in 1980 by Dipl.-Ing Hans-Joachim Laempe and has developed into a global leader in the market for core shop technology. As an innovative developer of complete solutions, Laempe Mössner Sinto offers a comprehensive range of automatic core shooters, gassing devices, sand mixers, sand preparation systems, and subsequent core treatment solutions in addition to solutions for the networking and intelligent control of all core shop areas. We design automation solutions in line with customer requirements and plan and realise turnkey core shops. A comprehensive range of services for engineering, innovation, and customer service rounds off our profile.

The company has years of experience and top expertise in all sectors where our products are required, including the automotive and commercial vehicles industry, carriage construction sector, machine construction and plant engineering branch, and engine production ranging from small motors to large marine engines. Global manufacturers of electric motors, pumps, and fittings also place their trust in Laempe solutions.

The incorporation of Hottinger and Röperwerk in 2009 enabled us to acquire further valuable know-how and expertise. Laempe sales offices and a network of around 25 sales partners and representatives ensure competent support at a high level around the globe. Since 2015 there is also a strategic partnership with Sinto the world’s largest foundry machinery manufacturer from Japan.

The company will present its product portfolio at GIFA focusing on the key topics of data transparency, digitisation and overall efficiency.

Sinto’s lineup alone consists of green sand moulding, tight-flask moulding, flaskless moulding, v-process moulding machines and related equipment, aluminium casting systems for tilting gravity and low-pressure die casting, finishing such as shot blasting equipment and abrasives and environmental equipment such as dust collection, exhaust gas purification systems and hoods for fumes. They even manufacture polishing machines and compounds


Foseco – Hall 12 Stand A02

Warren Zandberg and Hayden Johns from Foseco South Africa will be on the stand. For further details TEL: 011 903 9500 or visit or alternatively

The foundry industry is changing, bringing new opportunities and new challenges – particularly when it comes to sustainability. At the same time, the old drivers of quality, yield, and cost control remain critical to business success. In these evolving market conditions, no one has all the answers. But Foseco believe we have some of them and, working with their customers, they believe can find even more.

Foseco will highlight their latest innovations at the exhibition on more than 900m² in Hall 12, technologies that promise to raise standards and create new opportunities for growth. Foseco will also talk sustainability and how they are working to deliver a greener future. And they will present a range of case studies that demonstrate how Foseco work in partnership with customers to achieve lasting improvements in foundry performance.

With the development of FEEDEX* FEF, Foseco now offer a complete range of feeding products that are either fluoride emission free or fluoride free. Available in all product geometries from their standard FEEDEX range, FEEDEX FEF is another milestone on Foseco’s sustainability roadmap. And, alongside KALMINEX* 2000 FF and Foseco’s fluoride-free KALMINEX SD formulation, it means they now offer a complete range of fluoride-free feeding systems.

STELEX Optiflow3D technology offers the opportunity to tailor filtration performance to the specific casting, including those which may not have been suitable for filtration in the past, e.g., high-capacity filters are expected to allow filtration of large iron and steel castings. Case studies presented at GIFA 2023 will demonstrate the application of STELEX Optiflow3D to both iron and steel castings.

The SEMCO* family of fast dry (FD), colour change (CC) and formaldehyde free (FF) water-based coatings takes aim at some of the most pressing challenges facing foundries today by reducing energy consumption, optimising drying times, improving core/casting performance, and reducing emissions to create a more sustainable working environment in foundries.

TENO* PRINT is a range of refractory coatings designed to overcome the limitations of moulds and cores produced by additive manufacturing (3D printing), including lower sand compaction and surface finish.

A recently-developed biopolymer-based binder for foundries, based on Foseco’s proven ECOLOTEC concept, will be presented at GIFA 2023. Cores produced using this binder were characterised by excellent strength, high-dimensional accuracy and excellent surface. The castings made with these cores were sound and dimensionally accurate, while surface quality was at least equivalent to that of conventionally-manufactured components based on binders made from purely fossil fuel raw materials.

ROTOCLENE is a new process for producing the highest quality, inclusion-free steel for casting. Foseco will display the whole process at their stand, with an hourly presentation to introduce the theory, practice, and benefits. The process uses rotary action to stir the metal and disperse fine argon bubbles through the melt.

The VAPEX FosFlow is an alternative nozzle system for bottom pour ladles for steel and runners/tundishes for casting iron. The system allows nozzle change from the bottom, without any refractory maintenance. Nozzle change is thus achieved more quickly and safely – important when time is key or a different inner diameter of the nozzle is needed.

Foseco’s SMARTT degassing software offers various programmes for rotary degassing. The operator must simply define a target melt quality. Based on ambient conditions, melt temperature, rotor design, and alloy composition, the software then calculates the best treatment practice to achieve that goal.

Also on display will be ENERTEK ISO crucibles, which utilise a highly-insulating, proprietary Vesuvius coating to significantly reduce heat loss and decrease energy use in induction melting or continuous casting applications and DURATEK crucibles, designed to provide extended life, especially in highly-corrosive conditions. The latest DURATEK SUPERMELT crucibles possess superior fracture toughness, high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance to ensure long life in aggressive aluminium melting operations.

Foseco have developed the WASCO water-soluble binder and coating, which they will showcase at GIFA 2023. This innovative binder system demonstrates high bending strength and has been used successfully in both liquid and semi-solid HPDC processes, even in severe conditions. With the use of an appropriate coating, WASCO-based sand cores can exceed 1 000N/cm² and are thermally resistant up to 750°C. Post-casting removal is achieved simply by flushing with water, preventing any risk of damage or crack initiation.

Foseco will also highlight the FEEDEX NF1 range of exothermic feeders designed for both aluminium and copper applications. This sleeve material is highly exothermic, provides quick ignition, and has high strength. Due to its excellent feeding performance, manual application of exothermic powders is also avoided, reducing emissions.

The new range of DYCOTE SAFEGUARD products will also be highlighted. These long lasting, nano-ceramic coatings are designed to achieve significantly longer service life compared to traditional die coatings, leading to reduced interruptions for touch-up and therefore increased productivity. In addition to the large number of new technologies on show, Foseco will also highlight novel applications of existing products through the use of case studies, Magma simulations and casting exhibits.

FEEDEX NF1 feeding technology for aluminium foundries

ENERTEK crucibles

Vapex FosFlow is an alternative nozzle system for bottom pour ladles for steel and runners/tundishes for casting iron


HA Group – Hall 12 Stand B50/C50

Jacques Swanepoel, Zade Sayed and Koketso Mamogale from DZanetech will be on the stand. For further details contact DZanetech on 079 514 6885 (Jacques Swanepoel) or visit

Successfully implementing new solutions, optimising processes, improving economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. These are the key issues facing foundries all over the world and under the motto ‘Foundry Inside’, Hüttenes-Albertus (HA) will present a holistic concept for partnership and cooperation with its customers.

Joint development and exceptional service
“Time to market” has long become a major competitive factor in the foundry industry. With the promise of accelerating the pace of innovation and optimising foundry processes, Hüttenes-Albertus (HA) operates its HA Center of Competence (CoC) in Baddeckenstedt near Hannover, Germany. At GIFA 2023, the company will be showcasing the exciting possibilities offered by this unique platform for innovation and cooperation.

The CoC is equipped with pilot and industrial plants, which reproduce almost all of the process steps within a foundry, including mould making, core shooting, casting and more. It allows hands-on testing of new concepts and solutions for all mould and core production processes without having to interrupt the customer’s processes.

3D printing of cores is another future-oriented topic HA is keen to talk about with its customers at GIFA. For example, the company has developed coatings with special properties that are perfectly adapted to additively manufactured moulds and cores. Furthermore, the installation of a specially configured 3D printer from ExOne in the Center of Competence enables HA to work with its customers in this field.

In addition to the excitement about the long-awaited reunion, HA would like to use the GIFA platform to exchange views with our visitors on numerous topics. Especially the focal points sustainability, circular economy and new technologies play an important role. Besides the face-to-face expert talk, they are also presented on our stand in the form of exhibits, presentations and participation in the ecoMetals tour. Equally important is the topic of skilled workers and the promotion of young talent, which is why the HA Group is once again welcoming numerous school groups to the Metals4You programme at our stand this year.

A major step towards foundry 4.0
HA will be taking centre stage with two of its partners to outline their joint vision for implementing digital core production, which represents a major step towards foundry 4.0. Three leading technology providers in their fields, Magma GmbH, a specialist in the virtual optimisation of foundry processes, HA as a supplier of foundry chemicals, and the core shooting machine manufacturer Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH will be presenting their unique concept of a virtual core shooting process.

Advanced binder technology
Ever stricter environmental requirements represent an increasing challenge for foundries. HA’s efforts to further develop cold box binders have focused not only on technological optimisation but also on improving environmental properties. The company has successfully pursued this path in product development, for example by creating different cold box series to meet individual customer needs.

Inorganic binder systems are also delivering efficient, high-quality results, although their development is far from over. HA foundry specialists and chemists have succeeded in further improving these products. At GIFA 2023, the company will be presenting its latest innovations, including the optimisation of storage stability and solutions for using inorganic binder systems in iron casting.

Productivity and cost-efficiency gains
The company also has some exciting news about feeder technology: Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH, an HA Group company, is proud to present its latest product innovations. These include a new generation of exothermic side feeder inserts for vertical moulding machines. These products enable foundries to exploit the benefits of exothermic feeders in a segment that has traditionally been dominated by natural feeders.

Chemex has also further optimised its aluminium sand casting feeder technology. In addition to cylindrical sleeves, the company now offers cold box bound telefeeders with a special formulation for the non-ferrous sector. The insulating feeder material is specifically designed for applications in aluminium casting. Thus, the intelligent functional principle of the two-part tele(scope) feeder can now also be used for the benefit of aluminium foundries.


Innov-X Africa

For further details TEL: +27 (0) 10 006 0430 or e-mail: or visit

Belec Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH – Hall 11 Stand C07
Belec is a family business with a dynamic team of over 40 qualified employees. They develop, produce and distribute optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis.

The milestone for the development of the company in the field of material determination of metals was laid in 1972 by the company founder Willi Berstermann. In the early 1970s, he invented the first mobile emission spectrometer for steel analysis. In 1986 the Belec Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH is founded. The first instrument is the Belec 2001, at that time the smallest and lightest mobile spectrometer in the world.

More recently Belec has raised the standards in the compact analyser class with the launch of the all-new model Belec Optron. This will be on display at GIFA 2023 for the first time.


Insimbi Alloys

Shaun Green, Khutsiso Chiloane, Stefan Roberts and Helen Fernandes will be attending. You can contact them via Helen Fernandes on 082 892 1628 or visit their suppliers’ stands. For further details Tel: 011 902 6930 or visit

Refratechnik – Hall 1 Stand A17
Manufacturer of refractory bricks, prefabricated material, monolithic refractories, tundish and ladle cover material and synthetic slag.

Scottish Chemicals – Hall 11 Stand B08
Manufacturer and exporter of hexachloroethane, degasers, grain refiners, foundry fluxes, coatings, (Ti & Sr) modalloys, (Mn, Cu, Fe) adal tablets, AITi5B1 coils, boron hardener, magnesium, ingots, fast melting silicon, ceramic foam filters, crucibles and castables.

SNAM – Hall 13 Stand B38
Manufacturer of ferro silicon, ferro silicon magnesium and ferro silicon-based inoculants.

Wire d.o.o – Hall 13 Stand A45
A cored wire producer.


Keegor Meltech

Bruce Hansmeyer, Eddie Short, Guy Hansmeyer, Jaysen Loock and Michelle Austin of Keegor Meltech, an official distributor of Morgan products in Southern Africa, will be on hand to assist with local enquiries. For further details contact Eddie Short +27 (0) 82 460 1593 or TEL: +27 (0) 11 421 0711.

Morgan Advanced Materials – Hall 11 Stand A22
Morgan is bringing together three businesses under the ‘One Morgan’ exhibition stand.
Molten Metal Systems (MMS), Thermal Ceramics and Haldenwanger are co-exhibiting.

MMS will be presenting the VAluStar crucible, which has a significantly improved service life, resulting in lower labour costs and time savings in handling compared to all other crucibles in the global market.

MMS offers a complete range of premium quality crucibles and accessories for the melting, holding, treatment and casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal alloys. Manufactured from a wide range of high-quality raw materials using advanced technologies, crucibles are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes, for optimum performance in individual applications.

MMS also offers individual machined components such as degassing rotors (dgrs), nozzles, continuous casting crucibles for the foundry and primary aluminium industry that combine the already proven performance of a Morgan material with the precision and complexity of a CNC machined work piece.

Thermal Ceramics manufacture and install a wide range of thermal insulation products that significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in a variety of high temperature processing applications. These include fibre boards and shapes for use as back-up insulation or installed as hot face application solutions and high temperature insulating bulk fibre materials for use directly as thermal insulation or for the base material.

Morgan Haldenwanger is a leading global producer of high-tech ceramics. They offer a comprehensive product range of oxidic and non-oxidic materials, primarily for use in demanding thermal, chemical and mechanical applications.

The Keegor Group (Pty) Ltd specialises in supplying furnaces, machinery, allied hardware and consumables. The Keegor Group includes Leonard Light Industries (Pty) Ltd, Keegor South Africa and Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd.

The company’s products and related accessories include furnaces, smelt-house hardware, sample preparation equipment, cupels, fire-clay crucibles and various items of fire assay hardware including tongs, trays, trolleys, bins, rollers, mixers, plates, cups, slag moulds, laboratory crushers and pulverisers.

Keegor Meltech was established 14 months ago as a result of Morgan Molten Metal Systems, a division of Morgan Advanced Materials, appointing of Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd to distribute its complete range of crucibles and accessories for the melting, holding and treatment applications used in the casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal alloys in South Africa.


LTM Mulondo Holdings

Hardus Visagie and Francois Oosthuysen will be attending and you can find them on the Vesuvius/Foseco stand Hall 5 Stand D19. For further details TEL: 016 450 4332/4021 or visit



Hans Joubert and Phillip Steenkamp will attend. For further details TEL: 011 802 4050 or visit

FerroGlobe Foundry Products – Hall 13 Stand B67
Leading manufacturer of foundry inoculants and nodularisers.

KBM Affilips – Hall 13 Stand C55
Manufacturer of master alloys for use in the aluminium, zinc, copper and investment casting industries.

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium – Hall 13 Stand B51
Manufacturer of Sorelmetal pig iron, zircon and rutile for use in the iron foundry and welding consumables industries.


Mineral Zone

Brendan Homann, Claude du Toit and Adrian Pearson will attend. Mineral Zone represents Capital Refractories Ltd, Elkem Refractories Products, LKAB Minerals and Amava Mining. For further details TEL: 010 599 2442 or visit

Capital Refractories Limited – Hall 10 Stand D59
Capital Refractories specialises in supplying refractory linings and associated products to metal melting, foundry and cement industries around the world. Capital Refractories manufactures a wide range of dry vibration rammable products for lining coreless induction furnaces, vacuum coreless induction furnaces and channel induction furnaces for the melting of steel and high temperature alloys, iron, copper, bronze, aluminium and masteralloys.


Mondeco Solutions

Peter Petersen will attend. For further details TEL: 079 448 1277, or visit

Norican Group – Hall 17 Stand D71
Home to leading, globally operating technologies: DISA, Italpresse Gauss, Monitizer, Simpson Technologies, StrikoWestofen, Wheelabrator and Norican Digital. Whether you are a green sand foundry or die caster, sustainable production and improved productivity should go hand in hand. And with the right solutions, they will. Norican is going to be demonstrating at GIFA 2023 with an exciting mix of interactive experiences, 3D animations, and industry-leading talks.

Clansman Dynamics Ltd – Hall 16 Stand C24
Handling solutions for the after-cast area. Product range includes automatic degating, handling and grinding manipulators, hammers and wedges for casting separation, gating cutters.

SiiF SAS – Hall 15 Stand H16
Foundry finishing equipment and solutions for iron, aluminium and steel castings such as fettling, trimming and decoring.

Nederman-MikroPul Filtration – Hall 16 Stand A24
Dust extraction systems and filters for a wide range of applications.

Otto Junker GmbH – Hall 10 Stand F57
Melting, casting, heating and heat-treating equipment for the aluminium and copper industries, as well as melting and casting equipment for iron and steel foundries.

Mingzhi Technology Co. Ltd – Hall 15 Stand E01
Core making machines, core shop design.


Rand York Minerals – South African National Foundry Pavilion – GIFA Hall 13, Stand E88

Zelda du Preez will be attending. For further details TEL: +27 11 463 9000 or visit

Rand York Minerals (Pty) Ltd, known as Rand York or RYM, was established in 1992 with a view of processing and marketing foundry chromite sand and chemical grade chromite sand. The company was built on the fundamental belief that specialisation and personalised service will ultimately ensure a world class service, a quality product and most importantly, a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers, while ensuring that all activities are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

A drying plant was conveniently constructed in the heart of the bushveld complex, the principal chromite ore deposit in South Africa, alongside the railway line to Durban and Richards Bay in an area referred to as Bleskop. The drying plant is situated approximately 160km North West of Johannesburg. The drying plant is used for all the drying and bagging requirements of the company and all material is washed and processed under ISO 9000/2 standards.

Over the years the company has expanded it horizons to also distribute its products as wet bulk in containers and wet bulk into vessels and to provide technical support in advising customers on the selection of materials, methods and calculations to aid production of large steel castings and rolls. Rand York Minerals strives to achieve defect free “as cast” castings for some of the world’s most demanding end-users and has developed a philosophy of “as cast, not after cast”. Rand York endeavours to provide the best foundry chromite sand to both the global and local market and strives to improve economic development within its spheres of influence.


RGC Engineering

For further details contact RGC Engineering on TEL: +27 11 887 0800 or visit

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik – Hall 11 Stand A74
Zeiss Industrial Metrology is a leader in CNC coordinate measuring machines and complete solutions for multidimensional metrology in the metrology lab and production.

GOM Metrology – Hall 11 Stand A74
GOM Metrology, a Carl Zeiss company, will present the latest technologies in the field of 3D metrology and inspection. GOM measuring systems are used in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes for continuous quality assurance: From simulation validation and acceleration of tool try-out and first article inspection to production control and CNC machining.

Accelerate production start – Save rework time – Reduce rejects with 3D metrology
GOM systems enable inspection planning based on CAD data. In pattern, tool and mould making, tools and models are specifically corrected and the fit of mould halves, cores and slides inspected. In the try-out phase, cast parts are checked for shape and dimensional accuracy: Component geometry, wall thickness, shrinkage and distortion. Measurement and evaluation are automated for quality control during series production.


Spectro Analytical Instruments – Hall 11 Stand H39

Lionel de Jager will attend. For further details TEL: 011 979 4241 or visit

Arc spark spectrometers are used for many aspects of the production cycle including incoming inspection of materials, metal processing, quality control of semi-finished and finished goods and many other applications where a chemical composition of the metallic material is required.

At the GIFA 2023 Spectro Analytical Instruments will showcase our advanced stationary, mobile, portable and handheld metal analysers as well as a compact automation solution for foundries.

Spectro manufactures advanced instruments and develops solutions for elemental analysis in a broad range of applications. Spectro is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments, employing optical emission (stationary and mobile Arc/Spark OES, ICP-OES) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) technology, used for the elemental analysis of materials in industry, research and academia. Spectro is a business unit of Ametek, Inc.


SPS Scientific and Precision Solutions

Kosta Kousiakis and Donald Osmond will attend and will be on the Bruker stand on Wednesday and Thursday (14 and 15 June 2023). For further details TEL: 011 916 5000 or visit

Bruker AXS GmbH – Hall 11 Stand 39
Bruker manufactures instruments for elemental analysis from 100% down to the sub-ppb trace level. Easy-to-use solution packages help customers in process and quality control to meet industry norms and standards including ASTM, DIN, ISO and FDA. Highest analytical accuracy and precision enable academic research from lab to field. XRF technology can be found in countless environments where elemental analysis is essential. Process monitoring and quality control in mining, cement & building materials, petrochemicals & polymers, food & animal feed, and metal production are just some examples. Portable devices are particularly useful during field exploration campaigns and for scrap metal sorting. XRF is also frequently applied in art, conservation & archaeology and in forensics. The versatility and the simple sample preparation make XRF an inevitable tool for many service labs and governmental institutions as well as in academia and research.

Q4 POLO – The Q4 POLO is a ready-to-analyse solution from day one, covering all relevant elements and a wide concentration of ranges. Each base metal package includes all dedicated alloy groups, calibrations, and standardisation samples. At the same time, the Q4 POLO provides high uptime, low maintenance, and hassle-free operation. This reliable, high-precision analysis instrument is for every foundry and production floor. Numerous innovations have been introduced in the Q4 POLO to create a spark spectrometer that is second to none. In addition to superior analytical performance for a full range of elements, the Q4 POLO enables applications previously not addressable by such compact instruments and achieves outstanding precision, particularly on light elements, excellent results in the challenging analysis of cast iron, reliable analysis of nitrogen at low ppm levels in low alloyed steels and analysis of oxygen in copper.