“Giving you the edge” – ChemSystems’ Foundry and Timber Board

Late 2015 saw industry stalwart Applied Casting Solutions gain momentum under the ChemSystems banner. The restructure brought together a diverse range of speciality business units under a single powerful brand. Its already well-respected foundry business emerged stronger than ever to deliver turnkey solutions to multiple customer challenges.

Behind the world-class technology and expertise however, is a network of influential partnerships that drive the business forward. Director of ChemSystems and Business Unit Manager for Foundry and Timber Board, Deon Smit explains how fostering strategic relationships between ChemSystems’ parent company AECI, technology partners, and customers continues to be a touchstone for the business.

Bold, innovative and responsible – values driven from the top
“ChemSystems is an integral part of AECI’s chemical cluster with16 unique businesses providing innovative solutions to its customer’s diverse and specialised chemistry-driven requirements. As a result, many of our core business and operational values – the DNA of our business so to speak – filter from AECI and we are extremely proud of that association,” said Deon Smit.


Automotive core package

“Registered back in 1924 and listed on the JSE since 1966, AECI is truly a ‘World in One Company’. ChemSystems and our customers benefit significantly from its diversity, its bold and innovative approach, and its commitment to accountability and operating greener, more sustainable business.”

“Cutting edge technologies, full-service package business models, and collaborative relationships with our customers remain key differentiators. Assuming control over ChemSystems’ local labs has been part of a strategic and natural progression towards gearing our business for improved service and support, enabling greater operational efficiencies, access to resources, and all round tighter control. This is widening the gap between ChemSystems and our competition.”

“As knowledge and understanding around the changing global environment grows, green issues are becoming top of mind for many of our customers. Thus our ability to manage environmental issues is increasingly important.”

“ChemSystems is basing more and more business practices on environmental values and targets. Conscientious monitoring and benchmarking against these green goals ensures sound environmental management for our business – and our customers.”

Deeper, more strategic partnerships
“Extended engagement with partners such as German-based ASK Chemicals, with whom we have collaborated with for more than 40 years, allows us to explore custom solutions for the local market. One of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive solutions and tailored consulting services in the foundry industry, ASK Chemicals is renowned for exceptionally engineered products, world-class R&D and unparalleled technical support.”

“Its portfolio of products encompasses a broad and innovative range of foundry resources including binders, coatings, feeders, filters and release agents, as well as metallurgical products such as inoculants, cord wires and master alloys.”


Core and mould assembly line

“ASK Chemicals are consistently at the forefront of environmentally friendly technology. One such example is its breakthrough ‘cold box’ binder system. The original developer and first to market with the very first cold box process back in the 1960s, ASK Chemicals has been refining and developing cold box technology ever since and currently sets the benchmark in ecology and economy globally.”

“This high efficiency system uses significantly fewer solvents and thus lowers emissions considerably. For us, it’s the ideal response to the current and future requirements of aluminium and iron foundries, and satisfies the growing demand for high-performance yet eco-friendly cold-box solutions.”

“With continuous improvement an integral part of who we are, ASK Chemicals is an excellent fit for our business and vice versa. We are able to tap into their global expertise to deliver equally compelling solutions for the local industry, leveraging the latest foundry technology, a complete basket of products, faster response times and greater reliability.”

“The weight of the AECI Group combined with partnerships such as these, as well as many others with the likes of Vemek and Heneways, position the business to deliver innovative technical and commercial solutions.”

Partnering with customers for success
“We see ourselves as partners in our customer’s success. Their challenges drive our development, and addressing profitability and sustainability in the long term is a team effort.”

“Every one of our customers is unique and keeping them at the top of their game means catering to this uniqueness. We leverage available expertise and skills to ensure solutions are not only innovative, but cost efficient and best fit for the business. Customised formulations are processed locally, from one of our two labs (Chloorkop and Durban). Our application technologists, who have more than 120 years worth of experience collectively, assist with testing and sand analysis to help create the ideal formulations, while monitoring and ensuring consistent performance of existing applications.”


ChemSystems’ dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles ensure on time supply of materials

“Finally, our technical support has become an essential relationship tool for our business. Locally-based experts in resin systems and metallurgical products continually engage with our customers to troubleshoot problems and ensure optimised application of products. Our customers get to ensure consistent quality and service, while acquiring skills and knowledge to better deliver to their own customers. The communication and collaboration this has fostered is helping us do business better, and gives our customers ‘the edge’ that they have come to expect from us.”

For further details contact ChemSystems on TEL: 011 922 1600 or visit www.chemsystems.co.za