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Company Profile:
Globen Engineering Services and Supplies (Pty) Ltd first began trading on 1st September 2015.
Globen Engineering Services & Supplies (Pty) Ltd, is a company specialising in the sourcing and procurement, as well as in the servicing and support of equipment used primarily in the foundry industry.

Although Globen Engineering has been in existence since the beginning of September 2015, its founder, Eric A Benvenuti, has decades of hands-on practical foundry and engineering experience gained in the foundry industry since 1965, when he began his career in the foundry industry with a company – Central Engineering Works (Pty) Ltd – that, at the time, ran three foundries – one in Vereeniging, one in Johannesburg and one in Alrode, all in Gauteng, South Africa.

After several mergers and buyouts involving the Alrode foundry, Eric eventually settled at the foundry in Alrode, Alberton, where he spent most of this career at that foundry as the Director in charge of Operations (Foundry & Machining) and Engineering.

Amongst many other substantial projects undertaken by Eric during his career, which spans more than 50 years, the highlight of his career and the biggest project that he was involved with and managed to completion, was the commissioning of a brand new +1 000 ton-per-month, greenfield hi-chromium iron foundry for MIS Engineering, which was commissioned in 2013.

After Eric’s retirement in 2015, and upon its founding, Globen Engineering was approached by a number of overseas foundry suppliers and manufacturers to represent and support them in Southern Africa.

With Globen Engineering’s years of hands-on experience, Globen is able to provide technical insight, as well as sales and support for the products of these companies, and at very little expense for those companies.

Vulcan Engineering Co. (VECO), Acetarc Limited and other foundry equipment suppliers have found it to be useful and convenient for Globen Engineering to represent and partner with them in Southern Africa. This arrangement now permits these internationally renowned suppliers of foundry equipment to market their products in Southern Africa without having to invest sums of money to set up local offices. It is a win-win for all. These companies are now assured of hands-on support for any products that they may supply into Southern Africa.

This philosophy presented an opportunity not to be missed, especially since Eric had significant experience with theirs and similar equipment in the past. Globen Engineering now exploits the technology that these international partners bring to the table and can provide this technology directly to the foundry end user. Globen Engineering’s partners are internationally well established and are managed and staffed by experienced, hands-on and well-trained foundry people – who know the foundry business internationally.

Partnering together with Globen Engineering, solutions are available including practical knowledge of the local foundry industry and from knowledge of the daily challenges that foundrymen face, whether the need is for a single piece of equipment, or a complete turnkey, concept-to-completion, project. Globen Engineering’s Company Profile is split into the “Products” that it represents and the “Services” that it offers.

Globen Engineering represents and partners with many top-class international suppliers to the foundry industry, including but not limited to:

Vulcan Engineering Co. (VECO) of Helena, USA
Established in 1971, and located in Helena, USA, VECO specialises in foundry equipment ranging from foundry plant, e.g., lost wax process, complete turnkey projects as well specific machinery for cleaning/fettling rooms and moulding lines, etc. Vulcan specialises in swing frame and stand grinders, and VTS tactile robotic foundry equipment.

VECO’s flagship equipment is the VTS (Vulcan Tactile System), robotic fettling.

Acetarc Ltd of Keighley, UK
Established in 1967 and located in the north of England, Acetarc Ltd. specialises in the design and manufacture of all types of foundry ladles, including but not limited to lip-pour ladles, bottom pour ladles, nodular irons, treatment ladles and more, including molten metal pouring systems and associated handling equipment. Acetarc also makes slag and matte tap ladles for the base metal smelting industry.

Acetarc foundry equipment is used in many foundries around the world. Some of the Acetarc users around the world are: MIS Engineering – South Africa; ME Elecmetal – Chile; Rolls Royce Naval Marine Inc.; Maggoteaux, amongst many other foundries.

MCM Foundry S.r.l – No-Bake Foundry Moulding Equipment
MCM Foundry S.r.l was founded in Italy in early 2017. Globen Engineering represents and partners with MCM Foundry to supply continental foundry expertise for new and mainly used no-bake sand and moulding equipment. Working with MCM Foundry, Globen Engineering can offer complete no-bake mould systems, using both new and good quality used equipment.

Spare parts for existing no-bake machinery as well as core-blowing and shot-blast machines are also offered by MCM.

Axel Machines Outils
Globen Engineering represent Axel Machines in Southern Africa for the supply of quality modern pre- owned machine tools, including vertical turning lathes (VTL), horizontal borers, CNC & manual lathes, etc.

Foundry + Metallurgy Engineering (F&ME) of Switzerland and Czech Republic
Globen Engineering partners with F&ME to supply top-of-the-range world-class no-bake equipment together with the capability of top technological design expertise provided by this world-class company. F&ME offers turnkey assistance as well as individual machinery. Globen Engineering can also source spare parts and equipment for IMF equipment through F&ME.

Foundry Machinery and Spares (FMS) of the UK
Globen Engineering represents and partners with FMS to provide a good quality and very affordable range of new no-bake plant and equipment that easily competes with the likes of others with regards to price, quality and innovation. FMS also offers online and turnkey assistance for their equipment, as well as on individual machinery.

Vetter Krantechnik GmbH of Germany
Globen Engineering partners with Vetter Krantechnik to supply modern state-of-the-art lifting and turning devices specifically designed for jobbing foundry operations – particularly medium to large jobbing foundries. Vetter also designs and supplies specialised lifting equipment to suit many foundry-specific requirements.

Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo Co of Japan
Globen Engineering partners with Hirado to supply casting splitters, snap breakers and other handling equipment, primarily de-gating and removing of risers for the automotive foundry industry and other production foundries.

O.M.LER S.r.l of Italy
Founded in Italy in 1974, O.M.LER S.r.l specialises in the marketing and manufacturer of decoring hammers and decoring automated machinery for automotive and other types of production foundries, including lost wax and investment casting foundries. O.M.LER provides an extensive worldwide network for distribution and technical know-how for their products.

Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio S.p.A (OMSG) of Italy
OMSG has been in existence for more than 55 years and specialises in the supply of automatic turbine shot blast machines, sand blast plants and shot-peening systems. The range of equipment covers many industry sectors including but not limited to ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundries, metal structure manufacture, aluminium die-casting, forging plants, galvanic treatment plants, heat treatment plants, etc.

Shotblast Technology Ltd. Of the UK
Shotblast Technology supplies high quality wear parts for all makes of shotblast machines, including but not limited to Tilghman Wheelabrator, Pangborn and others. The spares include blast blades, control cages and liners for turbines and complete replacement turbines, etc.

Lianco Technologies Ltd. of Italy
Lianco Technologies offers CNC technology in a CNC machining center equipped with tools installed on a working head to fettle, mainly automotive and other mass-produced parts like engine blocks, manifolds, brake callipers and automobile suspension components. The part is locked on a fixture and then handled against the tools. This equipment specialises in the automatic fettling of cast components, mainly for the automotive foundry industry.

BOS Grinding Media (Pty) Ltd – BGM of South Africa
Globen Engineering has partnered with the reputable BOS Grinding Media – BGM, to provide quality roll-forged grinding media that is supported with leading-edge manufacturing technology and computer-controlled heat treatment. The grinding media is used for the power generation and the mineral processing industries, amongst others. BOS Grinding Media is processed through state-of-the-art roll forging machinery and quenched and tempered in a CNC controlled heat treatment plant.

Magaldi Power S.p.A of Italy
Magaldi, founded in 1929, is a world leader and specialises in dependable and environmentally friendly bulk and abrasive materials handling systems, and engineers solutions for demanding abrasion problems in foundries, steel mills, mineral processing plants, cement plants, waste-to-energy plants and solid-fuel power plants (coal), on a worldwide scale. Magaldi Power S.p.A and Globen Engineering have combined to market, sell and service Magaldi Superbelt, Ecobelt, spill-chains, belt cleaners and more.


Foundry Consulting
Globen Engineering (Eric Benvenuti) has more than 50 years of practical hands-on expertise, and can provide, by partnering with the above-mentioned overseas specialists, technical foundry designs and assistance and can provide input for the correct selection and purchasing of foundry equipment to upgrade existing foundries and no-bake plants, as well as in the design and selection of any new foundry plant.

Casting, Outsourcing & Supply
Globen Engineering has the experience and the expert knowledge gained over decades to assist and manage on behalf of the client, the outsourcing and supply of correctly specified castings, machined and fabricated components, ready to install.

Globen Engineering specialises in the outsourcing of components for the power generation, brickmaking, cement manufacture, mining and many other industries. This is borne out of decades of hands-on experience in the engineering, machining & foundry sectors of the South African industry.

We source and supply consumable wear parts for the power generation, aggregate crushing, brickmaking and other related industries.

Fox swing frame grinders and cut-off machines

Vulcan Tactile System – VTS. Robotic grinding for heavy castings

Acetarc Ltd lip pour, bottom pour, treatment ladles and more

An O.M.LER srl AF1470 Pneumatic decoring hammer

An example of a O.M.LER srl decoring bench

Axel Machines Outils – all types of pre-owned machine tools

Foundry + Metallurgy Engineering (F&ME) – spare parts for IMF and other equipment

Foundry Machinery and Spares (FMS) – no-bake mixers, no-bake mould lines, reclamation and pneumatic transport

Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo – casting splitters and snap breakers

Lianco Technologies – robotic grinding for automotive foundries

Magaldi Power S.p.A – abrasive materials handling systems

MCM Foundry S.r.l – no-bake equipment

Shotblast Technology Ltd. – shot blast spares

Vetter Krantechnik GmbH – specialised lifting equipment and roll-overs