Grinding Techniques develops new products for high chrome grinding, amongst others, as it announces its acquisition by Tyrolit

Focus on the foundry industry.

Grinding Techniques has adopted the international strategy of strategic business units, and the foundry development unit was born, with dedicated personnel to service and develop this section of industry. This focused strategy has resulted in several significant developments in abrasive products to the benefit of the local foundry industry.

Product development
High chrome grinding has been an issue with regard to the availability of suitable abrasives for some time, and Grinding Techniques has been able to develop and supply several new products that offer significant cost saving improvements in both productivity and abrasive product life, says Grinding Techniques.

Surface grinding segments
“At one of our major foundries, we have developed specialised high chrome grinding segments which have cut their production time by about 80%. These segments last more than six times longer than the product they were using, which also dramatically improves down-time. Although these segments are initially more expensive to purchase than the old technology products as they are manufactured with the latest developments in raw materials, this foundry has been able to show a huge overall cost saving through the use of this new development,” said a company spokesperson.

Angle grinding wheels
“Again, new products have been developed specifically for grinding hard chrome, resulting in increased product life and vastly improved productivity. A significant issue is the dramatically reduced heat generation being produced in the grinding process. Not only does this assist in promoting abrasive life, but surface cracks on the workpiece are virtually eliminated, resulting in less rejections and reworks.”

“For other workpieces, improvements have been made to our premium range of grinding wheels, which have been met with approval from customers. Our masonry range of angle grinding discs is being successfully used for grinding ‘burn on’ and sand penetration.”

“A new range of Type 28 (conical) angle grinding discs has also been developed for flatter surface grinding applications.”

Cutoff wheels
“Improved performance differentials of between 40% and 60% have been reported from our upgraded range of professional cutting wheels, which offer a cooler cut and improved life while cutting cast iron, chrome iron and SG products. Product reinforcement has also been beefed up for additional safety.”

Mounted points
“A new range of mounted points has been introduced for fettling high chrome and manganese products. Customers are impressed with the performance of these.”

Coated abrasives
“Grinding Techniques offers a range of ceramic and zirconium abrasive belts and flap discs for foundry applications.”

About Grinding Techniques
Grinding Techniques (Pty) Ltd, established in 1981, is a local manufacturer of bonded abrasives and converter of coated abrasives. Initially manufacturing technology was developed locally resulting in bonded abrasive products that were tailored for local manufacturing requirements.

“It might seem that ‘a grinding wheel is a grinding wheel’, but this is not the case. Although grinding wheels might look the same, the components can be tailored to suit increased wheel life or productivity. Ideally, both these requisites should be addressed in a single product, and this is what Grinding Techniques has been able to do through dedicated and focused developmental work.”

Acquisition by Tyrolit
Locally developed technology received a boost in February 2014, when Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG took up a major shareholding in the company. Tyrolit is a major player in the abrasives industry worldwide. Through this shareholding, international technology transfers became available to Grinding Techniques, giving them access to the latest in manufacturing methods and raw material components.

In January 2018, Tyrolit took up the remaining shares in Grinding Techniques, making the local operation a fully fledged member of the Tyrolit group, and giving the company complete access to their advanced technology, expertise, training and technical assistance.

For further details contact Harry Thompson of Grinding Techniques on 083 654 7670 or visit