Guangdong Hongtu Technology to develop 12 000 ton die-casting unit

Guangdong Hongtu Technology (GHT), a part supplier to Chinese EV automakers like NIO and XPeng, has announced it will begin developing a 12 000 ton die-casting unit with the help of Tesla supplier LK Technology. Recent responses from representatives at NIO and XPeng hint that they might soon be using GHT’s large, one-piece die-casting machines to manufacture their own EVs.

As one of the biggest global names in EVs, Tesla needs little introduction. While its expanding US facilities sit as some of the biggest and best, Tesla also has Chinese manufacturing in place, which includes its famed Giga Press, a 6 000-ton die-casting machine used to produce larger, one-piece
EV components such as single front and rear pieces for the Model Y.

Last November, we reported news from Tesla’s die-casting supplier LK Technology, which stated it was working with six Chinese automakers to deploy similar manufacturing technology. At the time, an LK Technology engineer stated that these Chinese automakers still had a ways to go in vehicle design before the supplier could deliver the large die-casting machines.

At least two Chinese automakers may have figured out how to adapt similar manufacturing techniques to Tesla, with the help of a mutual part supplier called Guangdong Hongtu Technology.

A recent ceremony announcing plans to launch die-casting units hints that NIO and XPeng could be applying the technology to their own assembly lines soon.