Hardness tester for harsh production environments – Emco-Test DuraVision G5

Precise hardness testing for the toughest requirements.

The Emco-Test DuraVision G5 hardness tester combines a standard load range with a large selection of test methods for the widest variety of applications. Thanks to its sturdy construction, in combination with the simple and swift operation plus precise and repeatable measurement results, the DuraVision G5 hardness tester is also particularly suitable for use in harsh, demanding production environments.

Two models of the hardness testing machine are available, one with a motor-driven test unit and the other with a handwheel.

The DuraVision G5 hardness testers cover a unique wide standard load range of 0.3 to 250 kgf and 3 to 3 000 kgf. Moreover, the electronically controlled test cycle provides for a large selection of test methods. The Brinell, Vickers, and Rockwell test methods can be measured in compliance with EN ISO and ASTM standards, and carbon testing is also possible. Knoop and plastic tests can also be conducted with the lower standard load range models. Utilisation of the 10-megapixel camera enables a 3x zoom, which means that the entire load range can be covered with just a few lenses.

With the Brinell SmartLight illumination solution recently developed by Emco-Test, Brinell indentations are optimally illuminated, so that the indentation edges can be identified and evaluated correctly for any hardness value.

Emco-Test relies on the latest generation of proven, industry-grade PLC components for controlling the hardness tester and maximising system uptime. Thanks to the large test area and the wide reach in combination with the new, intelligently designed, slim and easily adapted nose cone, even large, complex components can easily be clamped and tested. At the same time, unclamped measurements can also be performed with the utmost precision.

The Emco-Test ecos Workflow CIS software (with Calibration Information System) guides the user simply, step-by-step through the measuring process all the way to data backup. The intuitive user interface shortens the familiarisation time (learning curve) and reduces operating errors. Thanks to the new, integrated calibration assistant, it is possible to offer straightforward support for standards-compliant inspection of the hardness tester (to ISO and ASTM) for the first time.

IMP is SANAS accredited for hardness (816) and have extensively trained technicians to assist with repairs and calibration of hardness testers.

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