High casting quality and short cycle times – Hüttenes Albertus Chemische Werke

At the recent Euroguss Hüttenes Albertus Chemische Werke (HA) presented a wide range of liquid and pellet release agents for a variety of applications and requirements. These products enable excellent de-moulding and effective lubrication of moving parts.

Eco Lube 108, an ultra-modern, wax-free release agent, offers outstanding re-lease performance and is particularly suitable for large-area castings such as automotive parts and electronics housings. The wax-free formulation keeps the mould frame clean, extending cleaning intervals and improving process reliability.

Ideally suited for high loads
Whether castings with extremely small draft angles or particularly thick-walled castings: In many cases, a release agent is required that is able to withstand high loads while at the same time providing superior release performance. In such cases, HA offers the significantly wax-reduced mould release agent, Eco Lube 119. Like Eco Lube 108, the product is free of aromatics, mineral oil and graphite and can be used for all aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Fast and reliable piston lubrication
With KTp35, HA offers a graphite-free pelletised piston lube designed for the casting chamber lubrication of horizontal and vertical cold chamber die casting and squeeze casting machines. These consist of a mixture of specially selected waxes. The pellets melt reliably at the filling point in the casting chamber and, thanks to the capillary action between piston and piston chamber, unfold a closed all-round release film. KTp35 pellets are also suitable for large die casting machines with a piston diameter of up to 170mm. Its graphite-free formulation helps keep machine elements and castings clean. At the same time, the product features “emergency lubrication” which increases process reliability.

Die coating KS 84 scores for aluminium rims
HA also offers a broad range of products for a wide variety of applications in the field of die coatings – for classic gravity casting, low-pressure casting and squeeze casting. HA’s die coating called Kokillenschlichte KS 84, which contains high-quality boron nitride, scores particularly highly in the case of visually appealing cast parts such as aluminium rims. This high-performance ceramic ensures an excellent release effect between the tool steel and aluminium.

Broad array of melt treatment products
HA also offers a comprehensive product array in the field of melt treatment ranging from cleaning and covering salts, salts and tablets for grain refinement, to degassing and fumigants. Environmentally low impact covering and cleaning salts are also available for the melting of lead and zinc alloys.

One of the other products showcased by HA at Euroguss will be Ecoflux 152, a cleaning salt for furnace walls and crucibles. It prevents stubborn build-ups on the furnace or crucible wall by binding oxides and other impurities. Ecoflux 152 is therefore a decisive factor in increasing the service life of furnace linings and crucibles. At the same time, the product helps to avoid casting defects caused by corundum particles falling into the melt.

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