High-performance automatic vision system – LS Starrett

LS Starrett, a manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gauges and metrology systems, has introduced the AV450 automatic vision system. The 3-axis vision system allows users to achieve high throughput inspection cost-effectively, including for both repetitive, larger part-run applications and routine quality assurance.

Featuring a larger XYZ measuring envelope of 457mm by 356mm by 203mm, the Starrett AV450 has high-resolution video zoom optics and can be pre-programmed (CNC) for repetitive part inspection, or driven manually via a trackball for individual measurements. With a highly stable, mechanical design and precision linear bearings, smooth stage motion, maximum performance and throughput are attainable. Throughput is further enhanced by either QC5000 or MetLogix M3 software that controls video edge detection and multiple-channel fibre optic or LED illumination. Computer-controlled Quadrant (LED) ring lighting, sub-stage lighting, and optional through-the-lens lighting meets the most challenging illumination requirements.

Accuracy of the AV450 automatic vision system is 2.5 + 5L/1000 and reading resolution is 4 µin (0.1µm). Magnification on a 24” monitor, 1:1 pixel setting is 37x to 240x 6.5:1 zoom and 25x to 300x with a 12:1 zoom. The system has a 1.3 mega-pixel colour digital video camera and a precision granite base.

The AV450 has an external motion-control unit and includes a Windows-based operating system with an operator interface via a desktop PC with a 24” touchscreen monitor, as well as Wi-Fi network connectivity. CAD files can be imported/exported and reports can be generated and archived. M3 metrology software supports 3-axis measurements and 2D geometric constructs (such as points, lines, angles, rectangles and slots) and corrections for level, skew and datum origin. Touchscreen functionality with a pinch, swipe and touch provides intuitive operation for all users.

Options for the AV450 include a Renishaw touch probe kit, Optimet laser probe, 0.5x, 1.5x and 2.0x auxiliary lenses, an LED dark-field quadrant illuminator and a DXF/field-of-view option for automatic comparison to CAD files. Other options include a CNC rotary axis fixture, touch probe change rack, calibration standards, part fixtures, and workholding devices.

For further details contact WD Hearn Machine Tools on TEL: 021 5345351 or visit www.wdhearn.co.za