IMF Group launches three new machines

At the recent GIFA 2015 the IMF Group took the opportunity to launch three new machines, one each in the field of moulding, core-shooting and shot-blasting applications in the foundry industry.


An intelligent mixer model T36/60SL for No-Bake process with automatic and robotized filling controlled by a vision system which allows the continuous adaptation of the pattern filling position according to the real need of sand. The production management software and the very precise axles movements allow respectively the recognition of the pattern and the continuous adjustment of the filling position. The mixer features a production capacity of 60 tph with a total reach of 5 800mm.

Core shooting
New core shooting machine model SPH50-I, a hybrid machine for inorganic and cold box processes using horizontally and vertically parted core boxes, for high rate production, suitable for the automotive sector. The mechanical cycle is 24 seconds. The maximum size of horizontally parted core box accepted is 1300 x 1100 x 600mm, while the maximum size of vertically parted core boxes is 1100 x 600 x 500mm. The maximum core box weight accepted is 2500 kilograms.


Shot blasting
A shot-blasting machine SCM type, for continuous sand removal and shot blasting of castings with ranging weights and shapes, specially designed for heavy-duty applications and high production demands. Shot is projected at high speed on the pieces by special blast wheels while hangers are rotated at two blasting stations. The result is a smooth and high quality surface finish. Castings are hung in bunch-like formation onto hangers connected via an overhead carousel conveyor.

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