Improving crucible installation

Morgan Molten Metal Systems is proud to now offer CBS Black Powder (Crucible Base Separator) to help ease the separation of stands (base blocks) from crucibles and furnace bottoms. Through advanced research, a proprietary highly-conductive formulation has been developed and has been shown to provide a significant reduction in crucible adhesion to aid in removal and repositioning of crucibles and other refractories at the end of their service life.

CBS Black Powder is a fine graphite-based compound with a refractory temperature of over 1350°C that helps to increase the surface contact, thus energy transfer, between the crucible and the stand (base block) while reducing crucible and stand (base block) adhesion.

Advantages of CBS black powder
According to Morgan Molten Metal Systems the advantages of CBS black powder to improve crucible installation include reduced adhesion between crucible, stand and refractory after operation, reduced labour during crucible change-out, it allows for crucible rotation to improve life in fuel fired furnaces, improved heat transfer between the stand and the crucible (energy savings), comes in convenient 500g packages and is easily applied.

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