India goes ahead of the US and becomes the world’s second largest castings producer says IIF

India has overtaken the United States to emerge as the second largest producer of castings behind China, a spokesperson of the Indian Institute of Foundrymen (IIF) has said in reports published widely in India.

The report comes four days after the news that India had overtaken Japan to become the world’s second largest crude steel manufacturer, which is all good news about the country’s growing production numbers.

In 2017, castings production in the country stood at over 11 million tons, valued at US$19 billion. This still puts India behind China, which produced over 40 million tons, IIF president Amish Panchal told reporters in New Delhi in April.

Registering growth of four to five per cent, exports recorded 2.7 billion dollars, Panchal said. Stating that the foundry sector needs to grow at least three-fold in the next 10 years, Panchal said the industry employs about 2.5 million people.

There is scope for employing an additional 2.5 million people if the industry grows at a rapid rate in the next three to four years, said Panchal.

He said aluminium castings contributed 15 per cent of the total casting production and added that the segment is likely to grow further as automobile manufacturers are focusing on reducing vehicle weight, including engines and doors.

South India, particularly Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, contribute 50 per cent of the total production of castings in India, he said.

The Institute has taken the initiative of constructing a test road in rural areas in Rajasthan by utilising waste foundry sand. After trials for two rainy seasons, the project could be extended to other parts depending on the success, Panchal said.

Modern Casting Census of World Casting Production
In 2016, worldwide casting production was 104.4 million metric tons, a near match to 2015’s reported 104.1 million metric tons, according to the Modern Casting Census of World Casting Production. Casting growth from 2014 to 2015 was 0.4%, and from 2015 to 2016, it was 0.2%.

The world’s top 10 casting producing nations produced 91.6 million metric tons of the total 104.4 million metric tons.

The China Foundry Association reported a 5.4% increase since 2015, putting its total production at 47.2 million metric tons or 45% of total world casting production. The Institute of Indian Foundrymen reported a 5.4% increase in production in India, to 11.35 million metric tons, gaining space ahead of the US, which has seen lower tonnage shipped in 2015 and 2016 compared to 2014 due to flagging production for iron-heavy industries such as agriculture, oil and mining. The US is expecting growth of 2.8% in tonnage and 4.7% in casting sales in 2018.

The remaining 2016 top 10 casting nations by tonnage are Japan at 5.2 million, Germany at 5.2 million, Russia at 3.9 million, Republic of Korea at 2.6 million, Mexico at 2.56 million (2015 data), Brazil at 2.1 million, and Italy at 2.1 million.