Inductotherm’s patented Multi-Pour automated pouring equipment and technology

The competitive nature of today’s global market for cast components has challenged us to examine all the different ways that we produce our castings. Ever-increasing quality and safety standards create new benchmarks for more precise, repeatable processes, requiring us to control and automate all facets of the foundry.

New generations of automated pouring systems have been developed to meet this need. The advent of intelligent sensors and personal computers with sophisticated algorithms makes it possible to adapt to the many variables associated with holding and pouring iron. Numerous foundries around the world have adopted these new pouring technologies, producing castings with a great degree of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Inductotherm’s patented Multi-Pour automated pouring equipment and technology allows you to keep pace with the fastest moulding machines for accuracy, repeatability and reliability

The growth today is happening thanks to ever-increasing vertical moulding speeds and the ability to meet acceptable production rates with an automated pouring device. One challenge for pouring system manufacturers is to be able to deposit metal into the mould within the cycle time offered by the moulding machine. There are two basic avenues of thought on how to accomplish this task.

Pouring two moulds is simple with the use of a pouring concept like Multi-Pour Technology. Two servo-driven stopper mechanisms align in one launder or vessel and simultaneously dispense metal within the two moulds. This requires semi-fixed, mould-to-mould spacing as the pouring nozzle location is fixed. Instead of using two separate nozzles, a mono-block concept for the nozzle provides a single component with accurate orifice positioning for a given mould arrangement.

The Multi-Pour automated pouring systems feature Inductotherm’s advanced Visipour P³ (Predictive Pour Performance) control technology and utilise two or more adjustable vision-based cameras and two or more adjustable stopper rod systems to effectively pour each mould line from the same vessel or from separate vessels, depending on your application. This recent breakthrough delivers the most precise pouring control with the fastest production rates. Available for either series or parallel pouring, these systems are the most advanced in the field.

The Visipour P³ control technology not only reduces pour times for individual moulds, but can also run multiple mould filling applications because it suits a wider variety of pouring possibilities.

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