Insimbi Group consolidates foundry and alloy divisions

Effectively Insimbi Alloy Supplies (Pty) Ltd, Insimbi Aluminium Alloys (Pty) Ltd and Minerals2Metals (Pty) Ltd will now be under one executive management team.

The Insimbi Group might not be adopting a new colour scheme or changing its corporate logo but it is taking the opportunity to consolidate its foundry, powders and alloy divisions into one in the wake of the retirement of two long-serving, senior directors.

“Earlier this year Dudley de Beer, Sales Director for the foundry and non-ferrous divisions of the Insimbi Group, decided to retire and now in June Ed Liechti, CEO of the Insimbi Alloy Supplies, which is the original core business of the Insimbi Group, will retire,” explained Shaun Green, who has been appointed as CEO to run the new division that will be known as Insimbi Alloys (Pty) Ltd in the future.

Shaun Green

“Insimbi has evolved over the past few years and following Covid we have adapted to a changing business landscape that has more competitors and challenging business conditions. We are adapting, streamlining and optimising our business operations by adopting different strategies, including improving our efficiencies and service levels by upskilling our existing workforce. Covid taught us to ‘do more with less’ and we have become more cost focussed without impacting negatively on our offering,” continued Green.

“This year we have seen two senior directors retire and this has made way for the ‘new generation’ of management that are energised and ready to move Insimbi forward in an increasingly competitive target market.”

“I must emphasise that the consolidation of the three operations – Insimbi Alloy Supplies (Pty) Ltd, Insimbi Aluminium Alloys (Pty) Ltd and Minerals2Metals (Pty) Ltd – under my leadership does not include our Insimbi Group metal recycling operations of Amalgamated, Treppo and Group Wreck, which operate autonomously within the group under their own executive management teams and CEO’s. There are, however, significant synergies and strategies within all our group operations and we engage with each other daily to ensure that these are maximised in the best interests of the larger Insimbi Group.”

In 1992, the company purchased the now fully-paid 7 690m² office and warehouse premises in Crocker Road, Wadeville. Subsequently the company has added a further 3 000m² of office and warehouse space

“The values and service commitment that Insimbi has been renowned for will always remain the backbone of our business and we look forward to this new and exciting season of our company’s history.”

Insimbi Alloy Supplies (Pty) Ltd
“Insimbi Alloy Supplies specialise in the supply of industrial consumables to a wide range of markets. In other words, we supply ferrous and non-ferrous metals and refractory products from a wide variety of producers. We then package, store, finance and, in some cases add value to these products, before selling them to you. We also provide technical support and mechanical services to many industries as a value-add to clients.”

“We do not manufacture steel, stainless steel, cement, paper, refractories or castings, but the raw materials that we provide will help our clients produce these products. Our client markets include the construction, infrastructure, automotive, cement and mining industries to name but a few.”

Insimbi Alloy Supplies beneficiates raw materials at its warehouse in Wadeville, Gauteng

Our divisions
“In order to best meet the needs of our customers, we have sub-divided Insimbi Alloy Supplies into twelve divisions, each one geared to meet the specific needs and demands of a specific market.”

“These include the steel, foundry, refractory, rotary kiln, ferrous, non-ferrous, fibres, powder coating, speciality alloy supplies and textiles divisions.”

Insimbi Aluminium Alloys (Pty) Ltd
“Insimbi Aluminium Alloys is a Johannesburg-based secondary aluminium smelter. We manufacture various aluminium products such as aluminium pellets, ingots and other shapes for various industries, including but not limited to the steel industry. We also manufacture copper-based alloy ingots.”

Minerals2Metals (Pty) Ltd
“Minerals2Metals is based in Witbank, South Africa. We manufacture aluminium powder of various sizing and purity. Our plant is fully compliant with the state-of-the-art equipment to produce aluminium powders safely to customer specifications.”

In 2019 the Insimbi Group commissioned a stand-alone laboratory whose activities are conducted in compliance with international standards and best practices and include a full suite of services for accurate determination of analysis, from sampling, sample preparation, analysis through appropriate methods and sample retention and disposal

“With strategic sourcing in place, our facility is also able to produce a low carbon ferrochrome alloy for various foundry and steel plant requirements. The certificates of analysis are verified by reputable laboratories.”

“As our Group CEO Fred Botha said in his unreviewed consolidated condensed financial results for the six months ended 31 august 2019: “Our investment in 2018 into the low carbon ferrochrome and aluminium powder markets via the acquisition of Minerals2Metals (Pty) Ltd has proven to be of terrible timing given that the world ferrochrome market has virtually collapsed and is at an estimated 15-year low. However, we have made significant progress on upgrading the ferrochrome and aluminium powder plants and perfecting our respective products and when the market turns we will be ready to exploit these assets.”

“The market has since recovered and experts are expecting it to grow so we will be in a good position with Minerals2Metals going forward.”

“I am a qualified metallurgist and obtained my BTech Phys Met from Wits Tech and later an MBA from Henley International.”

Essentially Insimbi’s business revolves around supplying alloys, raw materials and other ancillary products that are critical to the manufacturing process in the various industries. These products are sourced locally and internationally or manufactured by one of the company divisions. For example, the various aluminium products in the form of aluminium pellets, ingots and other shapes. The development of the beneficiation of materials that the Group supplies, has been a driver. An example of this is the manufacture of non-ferrous billet. This needs constant analysis during manufacture and certificates of analysis are verified and issued for complete accountability and traceability. Insimbi Alloy Supplies also has the ability to cut to size and guillotine raw material

“At the beginning of my career, I started working in a foundry that produced cast iron and manganese steel castings. Following that I worked in sales for a company that is in the steel industry before moving to Insimbi, with whom I have been for the past 12 years.”

“During my tenure at Insimbi, I started out as a sales manager for the steel division at our head office for two years before becoming a Director and CEO of our secondary aluminium smelters, Insimbi Aluminium Alloys in Benoni and Metlite Alloys in Cape Town, which has subsequently been sold.”

Insimbi Alloy Supplies also has the ability to cut to size and guillotine raw material and remelt ingot

“When the Insimbi Group acquired Minerals2Metals Pty four years ago, also a secondary smelter and an aluminium atomising facility, the responsibility fell on me to manage the company.”

“With the recent retirement of Ed Liechti, Insimbi will now effectively consolidate the operations under one executive management team. This team will be headed by myself as CEO and will continue to service our traditional markets and industries throughout including ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, steel, cement, refractory, paper and pulp, glass, industrial textiles and heat resistant materials, platinum, powder coating and fibres and secondary aluminium.”