JVT points out risks of fitting non-OEM vibrating motors to vibrating equipment

JVT Vibrating Equipment’s Managing Director, Fanie Swart has warned users of the risks associated with fitting non-OEM parts, particularly drives and drive components to vibrating screens and feeders.

“It is critically important to the efficient operating of screens and feeders that original equipment manufacturer components are installed,” says Swart.

“Vibrating equipment is carefully and systematically designed to perform to stringent specifications to ensure high efficiencies and robustness are met, specific to the application they are required for,” he continued.

“Screen drive beams are designed for a particular drive type and model. During design, consideration is given not only to the centrifugal force exerted, but also more importantly to the location where this centrifugal force will be transmitted into the beam. Each manufacturer’s designs have different physical dimensions. A non-OEM drive would typically require an adaptor plate to be fitted in order for it to align correctly to the beam. However, these typically have a different footprint to the original equipment. The result is that the centrifugal force will not transmit to the drive beam as per original design.”


“This in turn means that the bolts on the adaptor and motor fasteners will be unduly loaded with additional movement, resulting in excessive stress to the bolts and drive beam.”

“Another consideration is that when the centrifugal force is applied to a position different to that of the design, the efficiency of transferring the centrifugal force may be compromised. The position of the drive and the adaptor plate must be taken into consideration, as well as the additional weight of the adaptor plate. If not, it could result in more force required to achieve the desired result, which in turn could induce higher stresses into the already compromised drive beam design.”

“Further, one needs to keep in mind that original equipment manufacturers have the back-up, support and design infrastructure to ensure fast, efficient problem solving, whereas, non-OEM manufacturers should be held accountable for retrofit parts they supply that ultimately affect the performance and efficiency of the vibrating equipment they are being fitted to.”

“The benefits to end users in ensuring that they are dealing with the right supplier for the right equipment and parts goes beyond that of service and supply. JVT Vibrating Technology is able to reassure users of continued support and supply of OEM parts as it has access to state-of-the-art facilities and inter-group design and manufacturing experience approaching one hundred years. Further JVT is the exclusive African party that is licenced to supply Joest drive systems, exciters, unbalanced motors, dosing drives and many other components including all OEM spares.”


Jöst Germany and Joest (Pty) Ltd’s relationship ended early in 2012. Subsequently Jöst Germany established JVT Vibrating Equipment (Pty) Ltd in South Africa.

“Protected drawings, patents and other intellectual property owned by Jöst Germany may not be utilised by any other manufacturer except those authorised by either Jöst Germany or JVT Vibrating Equipment as it’s local subsidiary,” said Swart.

The Jöst Group has also announced that they have acquired the Johannesburg based fabricator KFJ Steel (Pty) Ltd. KFJ is a sister company to JVT Vibrating Equipment and KFJ will manufacture JVT machines for them.

For further information contact Fanie Swart of JVT Vibrating Equipment on TEL: 011 397 1087 or 082 901 7599 or visit www.jvtvibration.co.za