Künkel Wagner files for bankruptcy

Individuals responsible for the Kunkel-Wagner process technology have applied for insolvency proceedings at the district court in Hildesheim. As provisional liquidator, the court has ordered Attorney Christopher Seagon from Heidelberg.

Seagon is currently engaged to assess the economic situation and reorganizational possibilities for the company. “It’s still too early to release specific information,” said Seagon. The first aim is first to keep the business running stable in order to ensure the process of existing contracts and projects.


Künkel-Wagner was established in 1907 as a mechanical engineering company specialising in foundry technology. Since then, the headquarters of the internationally operating company including administration, a research and development division, fabrication division and project management has been located in Alfeld near Hanover, Germany.

Since the construction of the very first hand moulding machines in the year 1911, Künkel-Wagner has developed a wide range of foundry equipment.

In the late 1950s, Künkel-Wagner was one of the first companies offering fully automatic moulding plants. Innovative moulding techniques were developed and the first alternatives to jolt-squeeze moulding machines were presented, followed by integrated moulding sand preparation equipment, core sand separation, simple casting machines and automatic pouring equipment.