Küttner Schwingtechnik and Savelli Technologies complete Küttners global foundry platform in the field of green sand moulding and vibrating equipment

Küttner Group has expanded its global foundry platform by adding two new companies for vibrating and moulding equipment that perfectly complete the key activity of Küttner. Each company has a traditional and high tech expertise in its field – with all necessary competences for the design, fabrication/ assembly, installation and commissioning services. The companies will be integrated in the field of sales, project development and later realisation but will remain independent with its own managem-ent. This strategic expansion enables Küttner to provide entire green sand moulding foundries, from melting, sand preparation via moulding up to shake out, castings cooling and conveying.


Küttner has been building material handling systems for foundries using vibrating equipment from various partners for 70 years. During the past few years Küttner, in cooperation with the Austrian vibrating equipment manufacturer IFE, has built and installed a new generation of all relevant foundry machines like electronic controlled shake-outs, castings cooler and other special machines. As result of this successful cooperation IFE and Küttner have established Küttner Schwingtechnik, a new joint organisation with offices in Essen, Germany and Waidhofen, Austria. The Waidhofen operation uses the existing infrastructure and capabilities for design and fabrication of tailor made foundry equipment and services.


Küttner has also become a major shareholder of Savelli Technolgies, which was founded by Francesco Savelli and his partners Boldi, Botticini, Gilberti and Tura. Savelli Technologies S.r.L. has hired the most experienced employees of the old Savelli S.p.A. enabling the team to design, build, install and start-up complete moulding plants. Savelli Technologies is based in Brescia, Italy with modern offices located in Tre Torri building and an own assembly, spare parts and service shop. In its first year Savelli Technologies was awarded with orders from Russia, Korea and Poland for new generation moulding and green sand preparation equipment.

For further details contact Küttner South Africa on 082 822 6128 or visit www.kuettner.com or www.savelitech.it