Large orders keep Endeco Omega Sinto busy

Having just completed one of the most successful years in the company’s history, local fabricating and foundry equipment manufacturer Endeco Omega Sinto have secured orders to manufacture foundry related equipment that will keep their fabrication shop very busy in 2022.

“Coming off a fairly busy 2020, we are very pleased that we were able to maintain the momentum in 2021 and it is continuing into 2022,” said Roy Dias, Managing Director of Endeco Omega Sinto.

“One of the highlights in 2020 was that we secured our first international order to supply equipment to a foundry that manufactures a range of small to large castings that meets the needs of companies in the mining, minerals, oil, gas, power and industrial markets. We shipped over 90 tons of fabricated steel to the foundry.”

The company is run in South Africa by Rui Dias and his nephew Victor Dias

“The equipment was manufactured locally and was assembled at the foundry site once it arrived in Australia and was incorporated into a very large project that the foundry was installing. Endeco Omega Sinto’s contribution to the project, which was project managed by UK parent Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK, included the manufacture of two large compaction tables and the powered roller sections to move the moulding boxes. Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK and other subsidiary companies supplied the balance of the equipment for the project.”

“We were contracted to manufacture four aspects of the overall project. All the equipment manufactured was custom designed by Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK and manufactured in South Africa. The scope of supply was to fabricate two compaction tables to handle moulds sized at 4 000mm by 4 000mm with capacity of 45 tons, as well as two powered roller conveyors to handle the same mould sizes.”

“The other table can accommodate a box with a weight of up to 20 tons.”

Endeco Omega Sinto have recently manufactured a core shooter

“That same year we secured an order from Knights Foundry for a new Endeco Omega Sinto 8-station size 3 carousel moulding line with a 3-station pattern changeover, which we installed in 2021. The line includes a sand hopper hopper which includes a venting unit and a pneumatic sand blending gate above an Endeco Omega Sinto 20 ton-an-hour continuous mixer, as well as the touch screen fully programmable auto-blend system. Once filled and compacted the cope and drag pattern bolsters are then moved through the automated rollover before being automatically transferred to the hydraulic in-line tilt flood coating station. The conveyor belt then moves the patterns to the flame off section before the mould manipulators are used for coring and closing.”

Second international order
“In 2021 we were able to secure another international order. This was not our first international order but it was our first major order into the rest of Africa above the SADC region countries and certainly our first into West Africa. The equipment has been supplied to a company in Ghana and the order was to supply a chemically bonded moulding line and a reclamation plant.”

A reclamation plant manufactured in South Africa by Endeco Omega Sinto

“The order consisted of a continuous mixer capable of mixing 5 to10 tons/hr of alkaline phenolic, a pneumatic sand gate operated from the mixer control panel, an auto-blend unit, a 6 ton-an-hour sand reclamation plant, a 900mm wide moulding roller track, a vator unit that complements the low level attrition unit by allowing hot reclaimed sand to be elevated to a high level to alleviate the need for pits, a G6 cooler classifier, a PV6 pneumatic conveying unit, a reverse jet type dust extraction unit with accompanying electrical starter, fan set, quick release bin disposal and air exhaust silencers and the accompanying ducting, a water cooling tower.”

“Interestingly this is a pilot plant and could be setting the standard for further orders in the region. It is also Ghana’s first foundry.”

“Shortly after receiving the export order from Ghana we were successful in securing another order from a local foundry for the manufacture & installation of a motorised moulding loop line comprising of powered track sections complete with pouring and cooling electrical control panel.”

A section of the reclamation plant loaded for delivery

“We are also currently installing a reclamation plant at the same foundry which includes a shake-out/reclaimer, a sand vator a cooler classifier, a pneumatic conveyor, an extraction hood and a dust extraction system.”

“Another major order is for another local foundry. We are not allowed to reveal what we are manufacturing for them but all I can say is that it is major. Included in the order is 65 tons of structural steel that we have to erect and incorporate.”

“We are also pleased to announce that we have received an order for a reclamation plant and other equipment that is going to take the foundry from a relatively small foundry to a big foundry. The company also has a big machining operation.”

“There are other orders that we are negotiating but from what we have been contracted to manufacture recently we think the South African foundry industry is not in a bad state currently. ”

“Endeco Omega Sinto was established 38 years ago by my late brother Luis Dias as a foundry equipment design company and evolved into a manufacturer of the equipment. In 1984 the company began manufacturing equipment and we have progressed since then.”

An order for a foundry in Australia included the manufacture of two large compaction tables and the powered roller sections to move the moulding boxes

“The range of sand plant and equipment that the company design and manufactures consists of all the necessary equipment used in both green sand and chemical bonded sand projects, from a small ferrous or non-ferrous foundry to the largest semi-automatic or automatic complex, and for virtually any type, size, quality or quantity of casting. The equipment includes reclamation plants, continuous and batch mixers, rotary drums, cooler classifiers, conveying systems, compaction tables, vibrating feeders and shake-outs, rollover units, rotary screens, aerators, weighing devices and additive screw feeders.”

“Additional equipment that Endeco Omega Sinto has designed and manufactured includes chromite sand separators, ladles, bucket elevators, dust extractors, moulding boxes, pneumatic conveying systems, degassing units, silos, a mono rail system, spincasting equipment, rotary sand dryers and mould drying and coating units.”

Sinto credibility
“In 2015, Omega Foundry Machinery from the UK acquired a majority stake in our company and we formed a joint venture. In 2018 multi-national group – Sintokogio – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of foundry equipment acquired Omega and we all fall under the Sinto brand.”

“The company is now run in South Africa by myself and Luis’ son, my nephew Victor.”

Included in a recent order is 65 tons of structural steel that has to be erected and incorporated into the foundry design

“The Omega product range includes a range of equipment that we were not previously manufacturing. Their product portfolio is to specialise in the manufacture of equipment for the chemically bonded or no-bake process. We now manufacture all equipment in South Africa to Omega designs and standards. This encompasses the group’s vision of supplying equipment to the same standards and quality globally. This is for all equipment related to sand mixing, mould handling, reclamation and core making.”

“Sinto serves customers and industries with solutions for foundry, surface treatment, material handling, environmental, mechatronics, consumables and more. Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, the Sinto network extends to a group of 48 companies in 12 countries and regions, with approximately 3 840 employees worldwide.”

“Sinto equipment includes flaskless moulding machines, automatic core setters, “Seiatsu”, tight flask moulding lines, flaskless and tight flask mould handling systems, Shalco shell and cold box core machines, automatic pouring systems for lip and stopper rod pouring, Barinder automatic grinding machines, robotics and integrated control systems. Sinto manufactures equipment for the whole foundry process, from sand treatment to surface treatment finishing, which includes shot blasting equipment, blasting abrasives and peening media, and we are able to market this equipment locally.”

“Sinto has built up a reputation in the foundry industry that is second to none. In doing so it has incorporated a strict policy on quality, image and corporate brand reputation. All subsidiary companies have to have a unified approach in applying modern, winning management and manufacturing systems and add to the international recognition.”

“The challenge to comply has been rewarding. However, the benefits of the association are too numerous to mention and the resultant technology transfer into the local foundry market is an added bonus.”

Positive Group spinoffs
“These improvements in all aspects of our business have led to increased orders and also recognition within the Group structure. The positive spinoff is that we are now fabricating and manufacturing company products that are destined to be installed in foundries in other countries where the Group is active.”

The busy fabrication shop of Endeco Omega Sinto in Wadeville, Gauteng

“There are many reasons why we are now included but one of the main reasons is that we have been acknowledged as being a fabricator and manufacturer that meets the world standards that are demanded and required. We have had to earn the trust but from a broad technical aspect we believe we are ahead in some cases. It is an opportunity that we have grasped and it is a big step as it will be the first time that we will be ‘exporting’ equipment to countries outside the continent.”

“An added advantage is the technical transfer that we are now afforded. Some of the projects that we are involved in where we are manufacturing equipment, is for equipment that we have not manufactured before.”

For further information contact Roy Dias of Endeco Omega Sinto on TEL: 011 907 1785 or email or visit