Lauds achieving results with patented secondary reclamation plant

South African foundry equipment manufacturer Lauds Foundry Equipment has reported that they have achieved some impressive results and sales since they launched their 5tph and 10tph secondary attrition sand reclamation plant 36 months ago.

“As was the case with the atmospheric emissions licenses (AEL) the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in South Africa is going out of its way to investigate waste management processes of local foundries and waste foundry sands is one of their primary targets.”

“Metal casting waste products include moulding sand, core sand, slag, baghouse dust, furnace refractory, broken cores, shot-blast fines and graphite electrodes, most of which end up in a dumpsite and are not reused.”

“Waste foundry sands, which often cost more to dispose of than to beneficiate, constitute the largest amount of waste in the foundry industry.”

“In addition to reducing it’s impact on the environment, foundries using one of the many chemically bonded sand systems are also under increasing pressure to reduce costs, but at the same time improve and maintain their casting quality. One of the ways of meeting these requirements is to invest in sand reclamation equipment.”

“Cost reductions after installing sand reclamation equipment are made by re-using the sand after casting, buying less new sand and with some systems actually reducing the binder content at the mixer.”

“Casting quality is improved by using less resin at the mixer and improving the sand grain’s characteristics so that it becomes more rounded. A more rounded sand grain leads to better compaction after mixing, greater strength and better surface finish.”

“It becomes more obvious then that due to less sand being dumped there is a noticeable reduction to the impact on the environment and more compliance with the Department of Environmental Affairs’ regulations.”

“Lauds have developed and patented our own equipment for secondary sand reclamation that removes the coating and renders the sand clean and re-usable.”

“In the Lauds secondary reclamation process the chemicals are removed and the sand is then separated from the chemicals and sent through a fluidized chamber which agitates the material, enabling the lighter dust and resins to float and be extracted through a dust extraction system.”

“Our secondary reclamation allows for sand used in the foundry to have a longer life span, which results in many benefits for the foundry, including keeping the DEA happy. On average reclaimed sand additions are in the region of 90% with only 10% virgin sand having to be added.”

“Another major benefit is the power savings that are achieved – only 17kW total power required for 5tph.”

“We have had our secondary reclamation units, which include the primary attrition unit, sand cooler/classifier, mixers and hoppers, operating in foundries for some time now and the owners are very happy with the results they are achieving and the savings they are making.”

“More recently we have installed our equipment in a large automotive foundry and the results the foundry has achieved are surprising everybody as we are averaging 50% LOI.”

“There is no reason why a foundry using one of the many chemically bonded sand systems should not have a modern sand reclamation system on their floor. Principally, there is a sand reclamation plant to suit every foundry requirement and budget, which will ultimately satisfy the authorities and their requirements and make the shareholders smile.”

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