Lauds increases local footprint and expands internationally

Lauds Foundry Equipment, established in 2003 by Kevin van Niekerk, has expanded its footprint locally with an additional 2 000m² added to its existing facility.

“This has doubled the floor space that we occupy and has enabled us to expand our manufacturing to handle much larger projects and at the same time separate the facility into four sectors namely fabrication, machine shop area, electrical and stores.”

“In doing this we have created a manufacturing area whereby we have a clean work flow, enhancing our ability to manage quality and deliverables much more efficiently.”

“Before dispatch, our equipment is assembled and tested. This avoids delays with commissioning and ensures that all our equipment is quality assured according client to specification, upon delivery at client site.”


An example of locally manufactured equipment that Lauds Foundry Equipment supplies – a rollover                       draw machine

“This expansion is important for the future growth of the company because our services now extend to turnkey projects, with the ability to deliver a total solution for complete foundry installations, including environmental assessments and obtaining operating licenses.”

“Initially Lauds Foundry Equipment was in the business of servicing equipment and attending to breakdowns, as well as initialising preventative maintenance systems in foundries. It was decided that the company would become involved in manufacturing foundry equipment in 2004.”

“When we moved to our current factory in Wadeville, Gauteng five years ago for a ‘bigger and better’ environment we had no idea that we would need to purchase the factory next door so soon to accommodate our expansion.”

“We have continued to invest in our equipment, making sure that when we do purchase a machine it is CNC controlled and equipped with the latest automation options available.”

International business developments
“The inception of LFE GmbH early in 2014 has positioned us strategically to access the European market directly and easily. We are manufacturing all items in Germany where we have a state of the art facility in the region of 3000m². Here too, our facility incorporates fabrication, a machine shop and a design team.”

“We are currently working very closely with our GmbH Design Team in the final stages of a number of exciting new reclamation products to be introduced in 2015.”

Global partners
“Additionally, we continue our mutually beneficial arrangements with our global partners whereby we import, sell and service their equipment and systems locally. These include Pourtech AB of Germany who provide automated pouring solutions, Siapro of Slovenia, a company that manufactures shotblast equipment, Indemak of Turkey who supply us with furnaces, and Polish company Adjatech.”

“These relationships enable Lauds Foundry Equipment to offer a total package when looking at your foundry requirements.”

“In this respect we are proud to announce that 90% of our clients purchasing mixers have invested in our temperature sensitive autoblend and auto calibration systems, and are seeing the results in the reduction of wastage and elimination of human error. In a skills deficient market, we accommodate the semi-skilled operators with our automation improvements on our equipment that should be a must for any foundry purchasing equipment.”

“All our equipment is quality guaranteed and we pride ourselves on being SABS ISO 9001:2008 certified, which is where we have the edge over our competitors.”

GIFA 2015
“With the industry’s number one international exhibition taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany in June 2015 Lauds Foundry Equipment will again be exhibiting. This will be the third time that we will have a stand at GIFA, and it will afford us the opportunity to cement the relationships that we have made over the years and make new ones. We believe that GIFA has been integral part of our growth within the company, not only for the contacts we have made but also keeping abreast of the latest technology.”

“Our no bake equipment, for example, we believe is of a world class standard. Our control systems give us the ability to provide critical information such as costing, material use, temperature ranges and many other additional features. All this would not have been possible if we had not been part of GIFA, the dedication in the design team and other international foundry exhibitions, where we were able to experience the improving technology and quality of equipment, and then implement changes to our own equipment.”

For further details contact Lauds Foundry Equipment on TEL: 011 824 1238 or Email or visit