Lethiguel thermal solutions for the non-ferrous metal industry

The company conceives, manufactures and supplies cooling and heating solutions to the light metal casting industry.

Lethiguel is a French company founded in 1976 and located in Lyon, France. They specialise in providing Jet Cooling and electrical heating solutions for the non-ferrous metal industry, from producing electrical immersion heaters to designing and producing different types of electrical-powered holding furnaces. The immersion heating and Jet Cooling technologies make it possible to reduce the energy consumption while increasing production capacity, product quality, and therefore final profit.

Immersion heaters in holding furnace

Lethiguel’s core technology: Electrical immersion heaters
The company’s heaters are composed of two products. A Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride) and a high-watt density electrical heating resistance. The electrical resistances are compacted inside the ceramic tube. The absence of air between the electrical heating wires and the surface of the ceramic tube ensures a highly efficient and fast thermal transfer directly into the aluminium.

Jet Cooling for the die-casting industry
Jet Cooling is a technology that is dedicated to handling hotspots. Thanks to high-pressure capacity and sequential cooling, it enables levelling the die temperature and removing any hot area by reaching core pins and inserts, preventing porosity and shrinkage problems.

Jet Cooling

Jet Cooling can be used to solve most of thermal related issues in non-ferrous die-casting, by using the high-pressurised cooling water to cool the core pins and then purging the circuits with air. Finally, a leak test can be performed to ensure that there is no leakage.

A hydraulic unit ensures the circulation of pressurised cooling water (from 3 to 20 bars) for a given period of time in the circuits of small diameter injectors (Ø from 0.5mm to 5mm) inserted in the specific core pins. At the end of the cooling period, a pneumatic distributor injects air in the injector’s circuits and purges it. In this way, the cycle can be carried out in full safety without presence of water inside the circuits. The cooling cycle is synchronised by adjustable temporisations with the die-casting machine.

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