LIL Sales



02 Blumberg Street, Industria West, Johannesburg
Gauteng, South Africa
Tel: 011 474 3630

Company profile
When LIL Sales was founded in 2008, the company’s mission was to simply supply local South African foundries with primary metals, ferro alloys and other foundry-related raw materials. This has now expanded to include the steel, galvanizing, battery manufacturing, electroplating and lead industries, as well as any company that has melting capacity.

However since inception LIL Sales has focused on a niche segment of the market, this being the smaller to medium sized companies that only require small batches of product as they don’t have the need and the resources to keep large amounts in stock.

“Sourcing and supplying these raw materials is what LIL Sales’ business is all about. Anyone that does not have any experience in ‘trading’ would soon realise their folly and experience direct economic pressure. There are many variables associated with ‘trading’ and you have to be aware of all of them.”

“Our customers do not expect us to be metallurgists, although we do supply technical know-how and the necessary material certificates, and likewise we do not expect them to be ‘traders’. We would like to think that they have the confidence in us to source what they are looking for.”

Service and delivery
“But it goes further than that. We are stockists of primary metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and raw materials, whether it be ferro-molybdenum, copper phosphorous, selenium and copper granules, ferro-silicon magnesium, tin and antimony ingots or nickel briquettes, all products used regularly in foundries. The stock levels will depend on the demand. We are proud to say that we should always have stock and in quantities that will cover at least a few months of demand.”

“This also allows us to break down the individual products into smaller batch sizes according to the individual company’s requirement or order that they place on us. If someone needs as little as 20 kilograms of a certain product we will supply. We don’t chase the larger quantity products but if a customer requests this then we will supply.”

“It gives our customers peace of mind that they know they can place an order and within a short period, depending on where the company is located, we should be able to deliver the same or next day.”

“We are not a company that operates as a paper controller and shipping advisor. We carry stock and deliver.”

Currently LIL Sales stocks 53 different product lines in base metals, alloys, ores and chemicals in the form of granules, ingot, flakes, bars, sticks, drops, sand and ash. Product is sourced from all over the world including Europe, South America, China, Malaysia and locally.

The company employs 10 staff and has three delivery vehicles with a new eight toner just acquired. LIL Sales currently supplies product to all the major centres in South Africa as well as regional neighbours Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Base Metals
Aluminium Granules, Arsenic Metal, Calcium Metal, Cobalt FF, Copper Granules, Mercury, Aluminium ingots, Lead Sb, Magnesium Ingots, Manganese Flakes, Magnesium – small ingot, Nickel Cathode, Phosphor Copper, Lead Ingots, Antimony Ingots, Selenium Granules, Silicon Metal, Tin Bars, Tin Granules, Tin Ingots, Tin Sticks and Zinc Ingots

Ferro Boron, Ferro Chrome (Special Low Carbon), Ferro Chrome (Low Carbon), Ferro Chrome (Low carbon) Nitrided, Plasma Charge Chrome, IMSR-2 Innoculant, IMSR (0.2mm- 0.7mm), IM75-B, Ferro Manganese (High Carbon), Ferro Manganese (Low Carbon), Ferro Manganese (Medium Carbon), Ferro Molybdenum, Monimax, Ferro Niobium, Pig Iron drops, Ferro Silicon (Low Al) 1.5 max, Ferro Silicon Magnesium (2-12mm), Ferro Silicon Magnesium (9-25mm), Silicon Manganese, Ferro Sulphide, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Tungsten, Steel Grit GH 16 and TBAN Inoculant

Chrome Sand (AFS50-60), Chrome Sand (Hevi Sand), Iron Pyrites, Tantalum – JB3685 – 37.62%, Tantalum – JB3427 – 36.30%, Tantalum – JB3594 – 25.90% and Tantalum – JB3646 – 50.06%

Calcium Aluminium, Calcium Silicon, Calcium Silicon Manganese, Sodium Nitrate – Crystaline, Sodium Nitrate – Granules, Soda Ash, Silicon Carbide and Sinterblast