LK Group introduces the world’s first 9 000T giant die-casting machine

Two years after the world’s first 6 000T die-casting machine was launched by the LK Group the company has achieved another remarkable milestone this year by building the world’s first 9 000T machine. The new model is named Dreampress and the clamping force is 9 000 tons, which is the largest die-casting machine in the world.

In December 2019, LK Group launched the world’s largest 6 000T ultra-large intelligent die-casting unit to the market. It provides the solution to reduce the parts from 70 to 1 by one shot, which has brought a disruptive impact and profound technological change to the new energy automobile industry and 5G communication industry.

In early 2021, LK built the die-casting machine series DREAMPRESS 9 000T, expanding the range of products in the whole industry chain which capable to produce bigger automotive parts. The 9 000T machines are completely assembled in the LK Group factory and are ready to dispatch to the customers.

It has a technological breakthrough that differentiates from the traditional toggle-based and toggle-free machines, which have higher performances and wider application ranges, to fully meet the needs of large-size single piece casting production for the automotive industry. It provides a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the die-casting industry.

The launch of the Dreampress 9 000 ton die-casting unit is the start and milestone from the emerging trends development. LK has participated in several national projects jointly creating a new trend in the sustainable development of the foundry industry. The aim is to continue to develop better products for the industry and contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry to become bigger and stronger.