Magma optimises autonomous engineering with release of Magmasoft 5.4

With the latest release of Magmasoft 5.4 Magma presents a comprehensive toolbox of new capabilities for the optimisation of casting designs, tooling layouts and robust production processes.

By integrating the Magma Approach and the possibilities of autonomous engineering into the software, the user can now fully utilise virtual experiments to ensure sound decision-making and effective root cause analysis. By specifying quantitative objectives and the critical production variables in the software, the simultaneous optimisation of casting designs, tooling layouts and robust process design throughout the entire development process can be easily achieved. For this purpose, comprehensive enhancements have been integrated into the new release, which make autonomous engineering with the simulation software even more efficient.

Prediction of ejection forces and contact pressures in the casting

New solver for high pressure die casting
A major advancement in the new version is the extensive support of the development for the component, the tooling and the process setup of high pressure die casting. With the innovative TAG-meshing (True Adaptive Geometry), Magmasoft 5.4 offers new possibilities for the flexible, local meshing of the geometry. A new algorithm for the filling process in high pressure die casting considers the special requirements of the process on the description of the free surface of the melt, the metal viscosity, and the prediction of air entrapment for improved result quality.

Simulation of the spraying process
Based on the level of detail required to achieve a given objective, Magmasoft 5.4 offers various capabilities for optimising the spraying process in both die casting tooling and process development, a classical approach with uniform heat extraction from the cavity in early-stage product optimisation, an extended approach with user-defined static or movable spray areas, or even the realistic consideration of the spray head with individual circuits, nozzle positions, and programming of the head movement.

Prediction of flow and heat transfer for cooling channels and contour cooling inserts

This enables an even more precise evaluation of the influence of spraying on the thermal balance in the tooling, the distortion of casting and die components, or local die lifetime.

Casting optimisation beyond high pressure die casting
In addition to the comprehensive toolbox for high pressure die casting, Magmasoft 5.4 offers numerous other new capabilities for casting optimisation and process validation.

Support of the complete process chain for distortion-optimised castings

Magmasoft calculates the impact of gas generated during binder degradation (left) and predicts the risk of casting defects due to gases (right)

These include: The prediction of binder decomposition and core gases; segregation and porosity under risers; extended aluminium microstructure prediction; effective software operation and multitasking design optimisation.

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