Magma presents a new generation of solutions for virtual casting

At GIFA 2019 Magma demonstrated how autonomous engineering is replacing conventional casting process simulation. MagmaSoft autonomous engineering supports casting design, robust process layout and optimised casting evaluation even before the first part is produced. By making use of the fully integrated capabilities of virtual Design of Experiments and genetic optimisation, MagmaSoft easily and reliably finds the best solutions, from the first casting design to improvement of a running production layout.

As a world premiere, visitors experienced autonomous engineering live in 4D in a captivating Holo-Theater performance.

MagmaSoft – The digital foundry process
Magma has been developing powerful solutions for digitising foundry processes for over 30 years. With the Virtual Core Shooting Machine, the company showcased an innovative Industry 4.0 application together with leading industry partners. A direct coupling between process simulation, core box design, moulding material and core shooting machine enables the real-time optimisation of the complete core shooting system for the first time.

With the Virtual Die-Casting Die, Magma demonstrated how to simultaneously realise and reliably evaluate a robust tooling design and an optimised production window simultaneously within the shortest possible time for high pressure die casting processes.

The virtual core shooting machine – a real Industry 4.0 application

Moreover, Magma introduced numerous new capabilities for virtual optimisation of all casting processes and alloys, heat treatment and the complete core production process. In cooperation with leading partners from the supplying industry, new developments for digitising moulding materials and for quantitative prediction of core distortion, degradation behaviour of binder systems and core gas related defects during the casting process were presented. Through new solutions, accessing databases for feeding system components in MagmaSoft has become even easier.

Ease of communication internally and with customers
MagmaInteract, the new and innovative visualisation programme for MagmaSoft results, supports communication internally within a company as well as a fast exchange of information with both customers and suppliers. Using real castings as examples, Magma interactively showed how easy it is to use information from MagmaSoft with MagmaInteract.

Foundrymen’s Playground 2.0 – playfully learn how to optimise casting designs with the MAGMAacademy

Predicting binder decomposition and core gases with material database
Magma and ASK Chemicals, one of the world’s leading suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables, are involved in a joint development project on binder decomposition in sand cores and associated gas formation. The aim is to provide the MagmaSoft users with validated data on quantitative prediction of process relevant effects for ASK products. With a new database, joint customers should be even better supported in the interpretation of the venting behavior of sand cores and the prediction of core gas-related casting defects.

Cooperation between Magma and GTP Schäfer
Magma also announced a cooperation with GTP Schäfer, a leading producer of exothermic and insulating risers. Technical riser data of the GTP Schaefer product range is to be made available in MagmaSoft.

The data of GTP Schäfer’s standard product range enables the foundry to select risers having a modulus between 0.7 to 5.0cm via a database accessed from the MagmaSoft 5.4 programme, plus all who have purchased the update rights. Supplementary to the standard product range an online interface developed between MagmaSoft and the digital online portal GTP Toolbox, allows users to import their customised, portfolio that includes risers that were specifically developed to meet the individual requirement of the customer into Magma. The user friendly toolbox data offers access to riser, sleeve and breaker core geometries in both 2D and 3D format meaning that labour intensive creation of files for individual customer use is no longer necessary. The riser data that can be accessed directly from the GTP Toolbox or via the main GTP website is, therefore, always up-to-date.

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