MCTS opens foundry exhibition and demonstration centre

The Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS), located at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Doornfontein Campus, has opened an exhibition and demonstration centre to showcase new and existing foundry related technologies to students, staff and industry.

The centre, which is strategically situated opposite UJ’s library, is an initiative between the MCTS and chief sponsor Foseco South Africa, a division of Versuvius South Africa (Pty) Limited.

“The exhibition and demonstration centre has been positioned in a busy thoroughfare of the university, and the aim of the centre is to attract and encourage students from all faculties to consider making the foundry and metal casting industry a life time career,” said Farouk Varachia, Metal Casting Technology Station Manager.


Heinz Nelissen Foseco Area Director, Foundry Northern Europe, Dr M I Msibi Executive Director: Research and Innovation at UJ and Farouk Varachia, Metal Casting Technology Station Manager, UJ cutting the ribbon at the official opening of the foundry exhibition and demonstration centre at MCTS

“On display is a host of castings that are used in all walks of life and industries demonstrating that the foundry industry is a vibrant and technologically satisfying career choice. The interactive video displays show the many different aspects that are necessary in the manufacture of castings, including simulation and design,” continued Varachia.

“These displays and videos will be regularly changed so as to demonstrate to the students that our industry is not just a one dimensional industry.”

“The centre is the brainchild of ex Foseco South Africa MD Mark Wynn and the MCTS acknowledges his input and development, as well as Foseco’s sponsorship,” said an enthusiastic Varachia.


Inside the foundry exhibition and demonstration centre at MCTS

The MCTS is a non-profit centre funded by the Department of Science and Technology through the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). Its primary function is to act as a partner for the metal casting industry in South Africa through development and technology transfer, training, research and support. The MCTS supports and assists the metal casting industry – foundries, suppliers, related industries – to improve the sectors innovation ability for increased competitiveness and sustainability.

For further details contact the MCTS on TEL: 011 559 6019 or visit