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Industry and households constantly produce huge amounts of residual and scrap metals that must be recycled. The recycling of metal starts with the collection of the residual waste metal. The way the collected metal is processed depends on the size, density and purity of the scrap metal.

Processing recyclable scrap involves size reduction and shearing. Scrap metal is processed by pressing, crushing, shearing and sorting. Large metal pieces, such as the metal from junk cars, must be made smaller and then separated and cleaned so that the metal can be reused. Scrap metal that is very small in size must be pressed together to prevent the metal from oxidizing and so that it can be reused. The processed scrap metal is melted down into new steel at foundries and steel mills.

Sorting is the process of separating the different metals and other materials. This is done using magnets, eddy current separators, screening, blowing/suction (air classifier), flotation (gravitational separation), optical separation and manual separation.

Shredder systems
Metso Recycling have a long history of designing and implementing bespoke solutions for the metal scrap processing industry. Their solutions encompass all aspects of shredder plant design, from infeed equipment, to the latest in ferrous and nonferrous downstream processing plants.

Shredders from Lindemann and Texas Shredder
Metso Recycling metal shredders (Lindemann and Texas Shredder) crush any type of metal, ranging from light to medium-heavy mixed scrap. Characteristic features of Metso’s scrap shredders include high throughput capacity at specifically low energy consumption, and long service life.

All their machines offer compelling performance, flexible applications and low maintenance and repair costs – regardless of the type of material processed. Metso’s many years’ experience in the field of shredder plants is reflected in the fact that their machines are sold the world over, whether you wish to process aluminium, electronic or different types of steel.

Metso Recycling also offers a range of pressing (including baling and briquetting presses), crushing and shearing equipment and solutions.

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The Lindemann Eta®shred

The TS Power®Shred 69/90