Metals Trader App launched

Metals are commodity assets, which are initially mined from the earth and then converted and processed via different methods. For hundreds of years, governments have been using metals as indicators of value and mediums of exchange, making metals an ideal trading instrument. Precious metals such as platinum, silver, gold, and industrial metals such as copper are listed for trading based on price movements for each metal. Moreover, these metals have everyday applications ranging from jewellery to electronics.

As a result these metals eventually end up on the scrap heap or at scrap metal establishments for recycling or reuse. As we all know scrap metal is the primary input for foundries and has become a contentious issue because of the value of the scrap metal.

With the plethora of scrap metal merchants, dealers and traders in South Africa, finding the one that you can trust as a source of reliable supply can be a chore. This task could soon be a thing of the past with the development and launch of the Metal Trader App, available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Android based devices).

Described as a disruptive platform designed for metals traders to access a larger buying and selling platform, the Metals Trader App, which was launched recently, has been designed in order to create an online market place to connect metals traders, market available stock for sellers and increase the accessibility of metals for buyers.

Metals Trader is a revolutionary secure trading platform, which enables users to trade their metals and scrap metals via a secure web and mobile market place, from 1kg to 1 000 metric tons. Users will now be able to trade anytime and anywhere according to the developers.

Metals trader has multiple features that include:

• Add Metal function where users will be able to post pictures and descriptions under the various ISRI categories advertising their material for sale
• ISRI Guide for quick on the go access to the guide to help distinguish the category of your materials
• Search tool in order to source what material you are looking for down to the kilogram categorised by ISRI codes
• My Metals function to sort your material and ensure your listings are up to date
• Bulk Upload function on the website in order to upload bulk commodities
• Supplier Info by gaining information such as address, phone number and email address

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