Metkon Forciplan 102 automatic planar grinding machine

Metkon’s Forciplan 102 is an automatic planar grinder for the first step plane grinding of metallographic specimens. It is designed for first step initial planar grinding of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens in specimen holders. It is fast and efficient in providing high-quality flat specimen surface thus saving time on the subsequent fine grinding and polishing steps. It can easily provide enough specimens for two or three grinding/polishing machines.

A heavy-duty steel construction with precise vertical drive provides accurate control. A high-torque 4kW grinding motor with a variable speed between 500 and 2 000rpm enables quick planar grinding of the specimen surface. A powerful 350 Watt head motor can rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise direction with a variable speed between 50 and 200rpm. The variable motor speed makes it possible to prepare a wide range of materials with different application requirements and guarantees high material removal rate.

By using different grinding stones, ferrous as well as non-ferrous specimens can be prepared easily. A grinding depth measurement system allows you to measure the amount of material removed from the surface. The desired grinding depth can be set to grind different types of samples and also for applications that need special accuracy. The all-important parameters of the grinding process are preset with digital display. A variety of sample holders are available for different sample sizes. Sample holders can be removed and inserted easily with the help of quick release chuck.

A recirculating cooling unit is strongly recommended so that a rust inhibitor can be added and the grinding swarf can be collected. The entire working area is totally enclosed. A sliding door provides easy access in the grinding area. An electronic brake is integrated to the system for a rapid stop of the grinding stone. The interlocking safe device does not allow the door to be opened before the grinding motor is stopped.

The Forciplan 102 uses the same central force specimen holders with a Forcimat 102 automatic head and Accura 102 preparation system. Therefore the additional grinding and/or polishing steps can be carried out without transferring to a new specimen holder.

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