Metkon introduces the new Velox 102 fully automatic grinding and polishing system

Metkon’s new Velox 102 fully automatic programmable grinding and polishing system has been developed for operator free sample preparation for high-volume sample throughput starting from planar grinding to fine grinding, polishing, fine polishing, cleaning and drying. You only need to place the sample holders in the auto-feed system, select the programme number for your specific application and press the start button. That’s it! Your samples will be ready for analysis fully automatically. There is also the possibility to queue up to 6 sample holders during operation for non-stop sample preparation.

The Velox 102 fully-programmable sample preparation with 9.7″ HMI colour touch screen control includes a Siemens PLC control unit, a head movement that automatically proceeds from
one station to the other with a servo-driven motor, a central force application with variable specimen holder speed of 50-200rpm, a 350 watt DC motor, controlled material removal with digital setting of grinding depth up to 5mm, audible warning signal, holding chuck, air supply tubes, integrated automatic fluid dispenser for polishing station, eight micro peristaltic pumps with magnetic stirrers – six for diamond suspensions/lubricant and two – for alumina suspensions, automatic liquid level calculation with pre-dosing function and with automatic retract function at the end of every step to prevent contamination allowing significant savings and perfect reproducibility.

Main features
Fast, precise and operator-free sample preparation for high-volume sample throughput, with one planar grinding station and one fine grinding/polishing station, automatic grinding/polishing disc replacement system with 16 discs capacity, fully automatic sample cleaning station with ultrasonic cleaning, water and ethanol and fast automatic sample drying system with filtered air.

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