Metkon Spectral Range of spectrographic sample preparation equipment

Optical emission spectrometry (OES) and X-Ray fluorescence are the most commonly used techniques for the analysis of metals and solid samples. Accurate results using these analysis techniques rely heavily upon accurately prepared specimens.

Metkon’s spectral range of surface grinders, stone grinders and milling machines are purpose built and offer many benefits such as ease of use, increased user safety and improved results accuracy.

Additional benefits within these range include, dust management, water-cooling and air-cooling of specimens. Sample holders for manual preparation are available in both mechanical and magnetic modes. Semi-automatic/automatic models feature mechanical, pneumatic and electromagnetic sample holders ensuring that all sample types, whether ferrous or non-ferrous, can be secured and prepared safely.

A full range of consumables are available ranging from corundum grinding papers, zirconium oxide grinding papers, aluminium oxide grinding stones and various milling tips are available for the respective models.

Metkon offers solutions for sample preparation equipment and consumables for petrography, metallography and spectroscopy.

Metkon manufactures bench-top and floor-standing surface grinders, swing/automatic grinders and fully-automatic milling machines that offer efficient and easy preparation of various materials and improve the accuracy of your spectrographic analysis. Local back-up support is also offered on all Metkon products.

Metkon’s product range covers cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing, petrography, sample preparation for spectroscopy, etching, microscopy and hardness testing. The company has delivered 20 000 instruments globally and these include special purpose measuring equipment, test equipment for laboratory and manufacturing, material testing apparatus, cutting equipment for moulded parts, instruments for checking structure of steels and metals, hardness testing instruments, metal microscopes, metallographic instruments, specimen preparation systems, stereo microscopes, material testing equipment and machines, systems and apparatus for image processing and image analysis and image processing systems.

IMP is the official partner of Metkon Instruments in Southern Africa and these two companies have a combined experience of 60 years within the sample preparation field.

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