Mineral Zone moves into new office and factory warehousing facility

Mineral Zone, a specialist supply partner servicing the metallurgical and mining sectors in South Africa and internationally with a range of metals and minerals, ore and services has recently moved into its own warehouse and office factory that is distinctly tinged with a modern stylish design – a space that combines contemporary aesthetics with industrial charm.

“The volume of specialised industrial minerals, alloys, foundry and steel plant consumables and ores that we supply has grown significantly during the company’s short history, which is now in its seventh year of operation,” commented Mineral Zone’s CEO, Brendan Homann.

Mineral Zone’s new 1 400m² office and factory warehousing facility

“As a result factory warehousing space was disjointed and at a premium and office space was equally so. By the time that we moved we were operating from four different warehouses that were located in different sections of the factory complex in Dunswart, Boksburg, Gauteng, where we are situated.”

“Not a satisfactory situation to be in and one that we needed to address.”

Construction of new office and factory warehousing facility
“We decided not to go the route of transforming an old warehouse or factory into a stylish modern facility. We had the opportunity to work with a greenfield situation with the acquisition of vacant land in the same factory complex that we have been in for a number of years.”

“Modern warehouse designs take into careful consideration not just what the warehouse is currently storing, but also expected future goods and capacity. This includes taking into account the potential addition of extra loading docks, machinery and easy access for the installation and updating of new technology.”

“The warehouse typology offers several opportunities to modern architecture, both in conversions and new projects, thanks to adaptability and versatility. The free design of plan, the wide interiors and large windows are reinterpreted and readapted for home life, work spaces and free time.”

Modern warehouse designs take into careful consideration not just what the warehouse is currently storing, but also expected future goods and capacity

“In our case we incorporated the wide-open spaces and large windows, allowing maximum light and comfort levels for our staff.”

“Societies have used warehouses for millennia. And for millennia, they haven’t changed much. However, today’s economy demands near-immediate access to goods. That’s changed the ways warehouses function and has spurred the need for a more strategic approach to designing these critical spaces.”

“It takes more than a cursory Google search, too. When designing a build-to-suit warehouse, a working knowledge of the systems, processes and technology is a must.”

“The construction of the office and factory warehousing facility began early in 2020 and like many others, the pandemic did delay completion. Nonetheless we continued to operate fully as a company, as much as the circumstances and rules would allow us, and we eventually were able to take occupation of the new facility in mid-November 2020.”

“At this stage we have 1 400m² under roof and have left enough space to add on another
800m², which we feel we should be doing already. The area outside for loading/unloading is also 800m² so in time if necessary, we can incorporate this area. But for now it is more functional for our forklift to have the space to run around.”

Visitors and staff
“Our reception area is certainly not a sterile area and very different to many. Visitors and employees are greeted with a café type style complete with the equipment and accessories to give it that feel. It might not be award winning architectural design but it is warm and welcoming with an industrial feel to it.”

“Our employees, which now number 11 – with three of them being hired during COVID-19 – love it as an area of relaxation. They are also constructing their own outdoor area which will be used as a work area, garden and entertainment area.”

Mineral Zone’s staff now total 11 with three being employed during COVID-19. From left to right Neil Tracey, Luigi Pistilli, Brendan Homann, Delene Homann, Sandy Bayne, Claude Du Toit, Sean Bongikosi Walwasa, , Marlize Ludick. Not available for the photograph were Simon Matsipa, Adrian Pearson, Lizzy Mashiane

“Through our established relationships, we have developed partnerships with principles around the globe trusting us with their brands to penetrate the South African market, servicing the metallurgical and mining sectors. This has resulted in us being appointed as a preferred foundry distributor for the SI Group HA South Africa’s foundry products, Capital Refractories Limited’s refractory products for metal melters and foundries, LKAB Minerals’ iron ore and the refractory mineral products and the refractory products produced by Norwegian company Elkem.”

“We were awarded our ISO 9001 accreditation for our systems and processes in November 2019 by TUV Rhineland. Within the company we were already compatible with the quality management system.”

“Currently we are importing from eight countries, all of which are products that cannot be sourced locally. But we do export to 22 countries including South America, the UK, Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. In total we have 400 products that we have access to.”

“Going forward we should soon be representing a further three companies and we are looking to penetrate more into the aluminium, welding, fertiliser and animal feed industries.”

For further details contact Brendan Homann of Mineral Zone on TEL: 010 599 2442 or visit www.mineralzonesa.com