Mondeco Solutions appointed agent for molten metal management company A1 Roper

Mondeco Solutions has announced that the company has recently added A1 Roper Ltd to its list of international partners that it represents in South Africa.

A1 Roper Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of foundry ladles and other equipment for the safe handling of molten metals. Established as E.A. Roper & Co. in 1921, the company has a modern manufacturing facility in Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK.

As well as a complete range of foundry ladles with capacities of up to 65 tons, A1 Roper offers a selection of associated foundry equipment such as ladle heaters, moulding boxes, hot metal receivers, barrel and drum handlers, monorail systems and gearboxes.


In addition to the standard foundry equipment, A1 Roper offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service for clients who require custom solutions. This is facilitated by an extensive machining and fabrication plant in Keighley where they are able to carry out a number of manufacturing processes.

Some of the products that A1 Roper manufactures include:

• Geared crane ladles- lip pour and bottom pour: available in capacities of up to 65 tons and with various spout options and they can be manually or electrically/pneumatically operated.
• Motorised geared ladles – can be powered with a choice of pneumatic or electric geared motors and are linked to a remote control device to allow operation from a safe distance.
• Moulding boxes – manufactured in all types and sizes (for hand and machine moulding, no bake, lost foam process and automated high pressure moulding systems). Sizes can vary from 200 to 6 000mm square by 75 to 1 000mm deep.
• Hot metal receivers can be heated or unheated and are supplied with manual or powered tilting arrangements. They can be manufactured with capacities from 1000 to 10,000kg.
• Monorail systems – flexible ball bearing trolleys for use on monorail systems. Available in two versions: 4-wheel 1000kg (capacity) and 8-wheel 2000kg.
• Ladle hoists – Featuring a special swivel type safety hook with a spring loaded jaw, deep nut and ball thrust bearing. Made with an extra large friction disc brake for improved safety. Maximum capacity is 1000kg.
• Geared ladles – with capacities up to 750kg to suit standard ladle hoists.
• Barrel handlers – two barrel/drum handling devices for the safe handling of molten metals. Both models (500kg and 1500kg) feature double steel adjustable banding hoops that lock the barrel into a secure position between heavy gauge suspension arms. The lifting yoke can be carried by a crane hook or with a forklift truck (1500kg model only).
• Roper ‘self-locking’ oil bath gearboxes
• Roper bottom-pour slide assemblies for converting existing bottom pour ladles or lip pour ladles to Ropers bottom-pour slide.
• Zero-harm foundry ladles unique to A1-Roper – Ladles designed to be operated from a safe distance.

The newly formed foundry engineering company Endeco-Omega Foundry Machinery (Pty) Ltd. will provide local installation and after sales support for the A1 Roper range of products where needed.


Mondeco Solutions partners include A1 Roper, Clansman Dynamics, Endeco-Omega Foundry Machinery, Euro-Equip, IBO Anlagenbau, Nederman, Omega Foundry Machinery, Otto Junker, Pangborn Group, SiiF, Simpson Technologies and Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.

Besides the A1 Roper range of equipment the products and equipment that Mondeco Solutions offers includes induction furnaces, EAF/AOD, pouring technology, extraction hoods, core making, carousel or fast-loop mould handling, chemically bonded sand mixers, roll-over, mould manipulators, mould coating, heat treatment ovens, sand reclamation, green sand mixers and coolers, decoring stations, fettling machinery, knock-off hammers, manipulators, grinding units, shotblast and surface preparation, dedusting filters and sand laboratory equipment.

For further details contact Peter Petersen of Mondeco Solutions on TEL: 079 448 1277 or visit