Monitoring system for vibratory de-coring – O.M.LER SRL

Networkable interface collects data from integral sensors to monitor vibration, strokes, frequency coordinates with pneumatic de-coring hammer PLC relay outputs, or Ethernet / Profibus Touchscreen panel, intuitive HMI.

Italian manufacturer O.M.LER SRL specialises in pneumatic systems for vibratory de-coring of grey iron and aluminium castings. Following its earlier development of the AF1470 pneumatic de-coring hammer, it has introduced a coordinated process monitoring system to optimise the de-coring process.

The monitoring system is the most critical aspect of a vibratory de-coring process, according to O.M.LER, and the new Thor V3.0 package can be interfaced with a PLC via relay outputs, or via Ethernet and/or Profibus. Connected to the hammer by up to four RB2000 (specific sensors), it instantaneously detects and records hammering frequency.

The process sensors are set in a special cavity created on the vibrator and display frequency readings as well as number of strokes. Each instrument can monitor up to four channels (i.e., four vibrators and four sensors.) Among the advantages of this are a constant level of high-quality de-coring that results in a reduction of machine down time, limited and optimised system maintenance time and repair costs, as well as minimised costs for spare parts.

Unlike previous versions of the monitoring system, the new one can log the data it collects, which establishes the several possible frames for process analysis, including hammer service life, beating frequency, or hammer efficiency.

Thanks to its reduced sizes, the Thor V3.0 monitoring system can be easily assembled inside an electric panel, with a special kit provided.

The easy-to-use monitor has a 5.7-in. touchscreen panel, with a clear graphic display and intuitive HMI. Users can save, transfer and store data using a USB drive.

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