Morgan Advanced Materials customised crucibles and foundry products for demanding melting applications

The Molten Metal Systems (MMS) business of Morgan Advanced Materials has successfully developed extra-large ISO-pressed crucibles, with a capacity to hold up to three metric tons of molten metal. Morgan can also enhance crucible sizes to hold between six and ten metric tons of molten metals for specific melting requirements. This development has been made possible using one of the world’s largest Cold Iso-static Presses (CIP) and more than a century of expertise in material science and application engineering.

A similar breakthrough has been made with Heat Treatment Containers (HTCs), with Morgan having successfully developed new customised HTCs for specific high temperature sintering applications. By evolving its capability to produce HTCs according to individual design requirements, Morgan is providing multiple benefits to customers including longer container lifecycles, improved productivity, and fewer rejections. Customised containers can also bring energy savings made possible through reduced kiln temperature settings.

“The development of our latest crucibles and foundry products is a result of more than 100 years of experience in non-ferrous metal melting and holding applications. Using the knowledge and experience within this business, we are uniquely positioned to engineer high performance raw material mixes, which result in excellent heat transfer and high erosion resistance properties, with considerably enhanced dimensional capabilities. This enables us to react very quickly to market changes, allowing us to continue to create value for our customers through superior material science, advanced application engineering, and a thorough understanding of customer needs,” said Mirco Pavoni, Global Technology Director, Molten Metal Systems at Morgan Advanced Materials.

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