Morgan Advanced Materials Superwool 1650SI board backup insulation for molten metal transfer vessels

For more than 150 years Morgan Advanced Materials has been serving the iron and steel industry and today we have grown our reach with a presence on five continents.

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Superwool 1650SI board is a 1 650°C (3 000°F) classification, low bio-persistent structural insulation board designed for use in the backup insulation design for molten metal handling equipment, for example steel ladles, tundish and torpedo applications.

This engineered high-density, low thermal conductivity board provides reliability resulting in:

  • High-temperature capability providing increased safety for people and a safer process
  • Best-in-class insulating and thermal performance – 60% improvement – resulting in excellent energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Improved cost of ownership with higher energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and overall operational ladle performance
  • Easy lining configuration due to agile manufacturing process
  • Hydrophobicity expands selection of the product in wider back-up applications
  • Employee safety benefits from melt floor to maintenance with reduced outer shell temperatures
  • Optimum mechanical strength providing reliability of ladle performance

Superwool 1650SI board delivers melting stability within the heavy-duty process of steel manufacturing. With proven reliability, superior performance and environmental benefits to reducing emissions Superwool 1650SI Board effectively improves the safety of your people and operations. Its high-temperature capability also allows it to be used in combination with Morgan Advanced Materials’ WDS® Microporous insulation delivering maximum energy savings. These properties deliver to the steel makers an edge with superior insulation performance, reliability, energy savings, and improved personnel safety.

Morgan Advanced Materials’ newest innovation for steel production supports the iron and steel industries commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. Superwool low bio-persistent fibres are exonerated and are not classified as carcinogenic by IARC or under any national regulations on a global basis. They have no requirements for warning labels under GHS (Globally Harmonised System for the classification and labelling of chemicals).

In Europe, Superwool fibres meet the requirements specified under NOTA Q of European Directive 67/548. All Morgan Advanced Materials Superwool low bio-persistent fibre products are therefore exempt from the classification and labelling regulation in Europe.

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