Morgan Molten Metal Systems launches a next generation, ‘game-changing’ crucible for holding molten aluminium

The newly developed VAluStar crucibles by Morgan Molten Metal Systems have a significantly longer life than other iso-statically pressed crucibles for lower temperature applications and retains its good thermal conductivity over the entire life.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MMS) has been manufacturing crucibles for non-ferrous metals for more than 160 years. The new VAluStar crucibles are highly resistant to oxidation at low temperatures due to its internal and external glazes. These crucibles are particularly suitable for holding aluminium and aluminium alloys in electric resistance furnaces.

VAluStar are high density, clay-bonded, iso-statically pressed crucibles containing graphite and silicon carbide. The company has recorded highly encouraging trial results for VAluStar in European region foundries.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems says that when compared with available crucibles in the market for aluminium holding application in electric resistance furnaces, VAluStar has better crucible life by 50% or higher, lowered production downtime due to reduced frequency of crucible changeover and increased production capacity per crucible upwards of 50% that generates a significant cost saving for the customers.

With the new product, Morgan MMS is confident to offer a game changer product that can significantly improve the ‘value’ achieved by crucible users.

For further details contact Keegor Meltech on TEL: 011 421 0711 or Eddie Short on 082 460 1593.