MRA seeks clarity on scrap metal changes

Through an independent international trade advisory company Xikhovha Advisory (XA) the Metal Recycling Association (MRA) is trying to seek clarity on the implementation of the export tax on scrap metal.

A email post by Donald Mackay of XA on the MRA website the correspondence gives an update as follows:

Update on the implementation of the Export Tax on scrap metal
After thorough research of all relevant documentation pertaining to the implementation of the Tax, no information could be found regarding the implementation strategy of SARS. We then contacted the relevant people at SARS.

According to the Enterprise Programme Management office at SARS and specifically the Scrap Metal project Manager, SARS are on track with preparations for the introduction of the Tax on Scrap Metal on 1 August 2021. We posed some critical questions to them, to which they responded as follows:
• There will be no extra requirements for registration, if the exporter is currently registered as an exporter with SARS • There will be no new Customs Procedure Code (CPC) introduced • According to SARS, a Standard Procedure document will be issued well ahead of the implementation date of 1 August 2021

Hopefully there will be more clarity on this contentious issue soon.