Neasa concerned about ‘unequal’ antidumping duties – Steel Lobby launched

Industry body, the National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA) has launched a South African Steel Lobby that will advocate for the shelving of the antidumping application by primary steel producers, and will look to negotiate an improved model for downstream manufacturers.

“The duties already introduced, as well as the looming introduction of anti-dumping measures (intended to benefit only the primary steel producers without considering the interests of more than 10 000 downstream manufacturers in South Africa), will serve only to accelerate the demise of this sector. These measures are ill-considered, shortsighted and self-serving. The Steel Industry, employers and employees – in fact, the whole of South Africa – are the losers.”

“The Steel Lobby (supported by employers even beyond NEASA membership) undertakes to see to it that, in dealings with the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the interests of downstream manufacturers are sufficiently represented,” NEASA said in a statement.

The International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) had imposed 10% duties on zinc-coated, aluminium-zinc-coated and colour-coated steel and was fast-tracking applications for other steel grades. Steel producer ArcelorMittal South Africa CEO Paul O’Flaherty has said it expected ITAC to approve protection across all domestically produced steel grades by the end of November.

Work was also under way on various antidumping and safeguard applications, in a bid to raise protection on certain products by upwards of 40%. NEASA further undertook that the Steel Lobby, would, in dealings with the ITAC and the Department of Trade and Industry, ensure that the interests of downstream manufacturers were sufficiently represented.

“We shall keep you informed as matters unfold and constantly canvas your views,” the association said in an email to members.

For further details contact NEASA on TEL: 012 622 8971 or email