New Bruker Q6 NEWTON reveal

Bruker has announced the launch of the new Q6 NEWTON, a compact Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) with superior analytical performance for a multitude of applications across the metals industry. The Q6 NEWTON extends Bruker’s line of benchtop OES systems, combining high precision elemental analysis capabilities with low cost of ownership and small footprint.

The Q6 NEWTON is a superior OES solution for metallurgists and technicians to analyse alloy composition of metals. HighSense detection technology, SmartSpark source, and RockSteady, the active thermal stability control, are the key elements to achieve ultimate precision, speed, and reliability in metals analysis. One push of a SmartButton unleashes the power of the Q6 NEWTON and provides lightning-fast measurements, excellent precision and accuracy, combined with extremely low detection limits at 24/7 operation.

Features of the new Q6 NEWTON include:
Measurement time with high precision: The state-of-the-art HighSense detection technology delivers ultrafast measurements with superior limits of detection at uncompromised precision in 20 seconds.

RockSteady temperature stability (± 0.2 °C): The active thermal stability control and insulation, maintains the optics temperature precisely at their ideal set point. This translates into analytical stability in a wide ambient temperature range, fast operational readiness and minimised energy consumption.

Parallel MultiVision (2 optical systems): The parallel MultiVision optical concept employs two high-resolution optics simultaneously: One vacuum ultra violet (VUV) optic, and one visible light optic (UV/VIS), each equipped with RockSteady thermal stabilisation and HighSense detectors.

The new Argon distribution system ensures the most stable and economical way to feed the two ArgonShield’s, the electrode co-axial flow, and the VUV-spectrometer. Intelligent Argon saving routines reduce gas consumption up to 40% compared to similar spectrometers. The low maintenance spark stand comes with a large and robust sample stage, making correct positioning of bulky samples easy, while an automated sample clamp ensures optimal sample contact and hassle-free operation without giving up flexibility.

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