New metals, minerals, ore and services supplier emerges

Heat, pressure and chemistry. They are three elements that help determine the hardness, shape and definition of castings.

In many ways heat, pressure and chemistry are also in play in a metal casting industry that faces a combination of short- and long-term obstacles. There is an ongoing economic slump, a shortage of young, skilled workers, tightening environmental standards, and smarter, more sophisticated global competition.

A generation of future leaders is coming of age in this setting, being shaped by the events and circumstances around them.

Mineral Zone (Pty) Ltd is a company that has emerged this year that is being led by a relatively young leader but through his experience and years in the industry is getting close to being a veteran.


Adrian Pearson and Brendan Homann

Brendan Homann studied metallurgy at Wits Technikon before gaining seven years experience in different departments at Thomas Foundry. From there Homann spent 12 years at Insimbi Refractory and Alloy Supplies before moving onto a specialised mineral house for a couple of years.

I was curious to know why when I questioned Homann about trading in an area that is very competitive? “Quite simply we believe in ourselves and our abilities to service the market in a unique and innovative way.”

“I have over 20 years of experience in the foundry and refractory industries and I am not getting any younger. It is the old cliché if you do not try you will always be left wondering. My partner in Mineral Zone, Adrian Pearson and I did not want to be in that position,” explained Homann.

“During this time Adrian and I have networked worldwide and believe that we can have an impact on the local industry as a specialist supply partner. Fortunately we are in a position where we have low overheads. But it is not just about being price competitive. And we are not just limited to South Africa. We have been trading on the world’s stage, servicing the metallurgical and mining sectors with a range of metals and minerals, ore and services.”


“Together with our partners, we specialise in domestic and international trade of consumables and specialised products for customer needs. Our international and local supply chain partnerships have strengthened our position in delivering to our customers with sustainable and respected assurance.”

“Mineral Zone is a complete solutions company supplying the industry from mine to furnace, from source to customer. Our synergy extends to after sales service and consulting ensuring complete peace of mind.”

“The range of products we supply and keep stock of in our Irene, Gauteng warehouse includes foundry chrome sand, chrome ore, metallurgical chrome concentrate of all grades, chemical grade chrome concentrate, foundry consumables and specialized refractory ingredients. In this regard we have been blessed with the recent awarding to Mineral Zone by Elkem the agency for the Elkem Microsilica, Sioxx, Si-NINE and Silgrain ranges”

“We intend to concentrate in these areas but we are completely adaptable to satisfy our clients needs.”

“Metal casting as we’ve known it is changing by the day. But it’s also being propelled — and soon guided — by the innovative approaches of a new generation much needed in the industry. Together we are shaping the industry’s future. We are servants to put in, not masters to take out and in that we have a responsibility to ensuring the growth and enrichment of the industry in South Africa, an industry incredibly wealthy in invaluable knowledge and experience. It is our responsibility to tap into that knowledge and to share it.”

For further details contact Brenden Homann of Mineral Zone on TEL: 079 692 7626 or visit