New release agent Ecopart H 17-250 for the most complex geometries

For warm and hot curing organic core and shell moulding processes.

Release agents are of immense importance within serial core production, especially regarding complex geometries. The latest offering from ASK Chemicals – Ecopart H 17-250 – was specially developed for warm/hot curing organic core and shell molding processes and excels at reducing scrap and increasing productivity.

ASK Chemicals gathered their accumulated knowledge on highly effective release agents for gas curing processes and transferred this into the development of Ecopart H 17-250. This is particularly evident in the removal process of even the most complicated geometries. A feature is the separation and creep properties of the material during the removal process without any loss in quality. In addition, the release agent has a service life twice as long as conventional release agents, thereby cutting the need for frequent applications. The application process itself is flexible and can be done manually or by an automatic spraying system, as required.

The release agent was designed in the research and technology centre at ASK Chemicals in Hilden, Germany. The research team develops new and efficient solutions in cooperation with partners and in a constant dialogue with customers always with the aim of reducing emissions and other effects on the environment and on foundry employees. Ecopart H 17-250 is an environmentally friendly product, as it is a water-based and solvent-free release agent.

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