New Struers LaboSystem manual/semi-automatic polishing machines

Designed for reliability and speed for manual and semi-automatic grinding and polishing in the lab or next to the production line, the LaboSystem is ready for your inspection. A choice between seven robust combinations gives you adaptability for your changing needs in demanding production environments. Struers’ LaboSystem also has the endurance and speed you need to keep up with 24/7 throughput, enabling faster and more reliable preparation of specimens.


The LaboPol is made from overall corrosion resistant and impact proof materials. All the new LaboSystem products have been subject to 40 000 cycles of durability testing, and three months of field tests in four different countries.

LaboSystem is easy to learn, letting operators with no previous experience come up to full preparation speed within minutes. The 300mm diameter disc size option means 44% larger preparation area (compared to 250mm diameter), shorter processing time and less time standing at the polisher.

The modular design of the LaboSystem lets you design your sampling equipment to suit your individual needs. You can even upgrade along the way to accommodate new requirements.
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