New Wheelabrator hanger-type blast machine features strip out costs while increasing efficiency

Wheelabrator has re-engineered and upgraded its HTS range of hanger-type blast machines to meet fast-evolving customer needs. The range is now more tailored to the requirements of less demanding light to medium applications, while maintaining high reliability and durability.

Ideally suited to light to medium-duty tasks in forge and foundry environments, the HTS range offers economical blasting of a variety of castings, forgings or heat-treated parts in highly flexible overhead monorail layouts (reversing Y-rail, closed-loop through-feed).

The machines integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and can cover a broad range of handling requirements.

The HTS operating principle: A rotating hook, running on a monorail, carrying individually hung parts, ensures every single workpiece is efficiently exposed to the abrasive from all sides. This saves abrasives and guarantees first-time pass rates of evenly treated parts.

The new machine design includes additional options to downsize blast wheels, choose a screw conveyor instead of screen vibratory conveyor, and adds the ability to deselect features not needed for lighter tasks, thereby substantially lowering investment costs.

Through a clever re-design of the blast cabin and lining (allowing for more cost-effective manufacturing), and of the cabin door and control cabinet, the machine cost has been reduced even further. And unlike many non-Wheelabrator offerings both blast cabin, door and replaceable cabin lining remain in manganese steel, delivering a long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Flexibility and process reliability
Machines in the HTS range feature powerful U70 (direct-drive) blast wheels with 11 to 15kW each for machines with two blast wheels and 15kW to 22kW each for machines with three and four blast wheels.

The blast pattern produced has been optimised to achieve even higher blast efficiency and ensure economical use of abrasives. A combined magnetic and air separator ensures the perfect condition of the abrasive mix.

The machines can accommodate workpiece ‘bunches’ of between 1 100mm and 1 500mm envelope circle diameter, at a hanger height of 1 250mm to 2 100mm.

The maximum hook load ranges from 800kg to 1 500kg. The number of hangers circulating can be tailored to individual requirements by choosing from countless overhead monorail configurations.

Taken together, these features ensure maximum flexibility, process reliability and efficiency, particularly in 1-to-2-shift environments.

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