New white paper discusses high-precision elemental analysis of small parts for aerospace and automotive applications

Spectro Analytical Instruments, a leading manufacturer of advanced instruments for elemental analysis, has published a new white paper entitled: “High-Precision Analysis of Small Parts for Aerospace and Automotive Applications.”

Small parts present a challenge for quality control (QC) and production managers of metalworking manufacturers, particularly those in aerospace and automotive applications that demand tight QC at every step of the supply chain.

Notoriously hard-to-analyse parts include metal wires, rods and screws as well as other fasteners less than approximately 60mm in their greatest dimension, along with thin metal plates and sheets. Many analysers are not well suited to the task. This can lead to critical problems, including regulatory penalties, a reworking of parts, finished product recalls, or more catastrophic consequences.

“High-Precision Analysis of Small Parts for Aerospace and Automotive Applications” surveys the benefits and drawbacks of existing QC approaches and examines the advantages offered by new generations of analysers. It is a guide for assisting managers in determining the best analytical solution for their small-parts testing requirements. Content topics include analytical challenges, conventional analysis methods, sample positioning, calibration and standards, and selecting a small-parts metal analyser.

The paper is immediately available for download at .

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